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Orders:- Upupiformes 

Families:- Upupidae, Urocynchramidae

Countries, Regions, Islands:- Uganda Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Uzbekistan.

Sorted by First name. Sorted by Last name.
Udzungwa Forest-partridge Phasianidae
Uganda Woodland-Warbler Sylviidae
Uhehe Fiscal Laniidae
Ula-ai-hawane Fringillidae
Ultramarine Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Ultramarine Grosbeak Fringillidae
Ultramarine Kingfisher Halcyonidae
Ultramarine Lorikeet Psittacidae
Uluguru Bushshrike Corvidae
Uluguru Mountain Greenbul Pycnonotidae
Uluguru Violet-backed Sunbird Nectariniidae
Unadorned Flycatcher Tyrannidae
Undulated Antpitta Formicaridae
Undulated Antshrike Thamnophilidae
Undulated Tinamou Tinamidae
Unicolored Antwren Thamnophilidae
Unicolored Blackbird Fringillidae
Unicolored Jay Corvidae
Unicolored Tapaculo Rhinocryptidae
Unicolored Thrush Muscicapidae
Uniform Antshrike Thamnophilidae
Uniform Crake Rallidae
Uniform Finch Fringillidae
Uniform Swiftlet Apodidae
Uniform Treehunter Funariidae
Uniform Woodcreeper Funariidae
Unstreaked Tit-Tyrant Tyrannidae
Upcher's Warbler Sylviidae
Upland Antshrike Thamnophilidae
Upland Buzzard Acciptridae
Upland Goose Anatidae
Upland Pipit Passeridae
Upland Sandpiper Scolopacidae
Ural Owl Strigidae
Urich's Tyrannulet Tyrannidae
Urrao Antpitta Formicaridae
Ursula's Sunbird Nectariniidae
Usambara Akalat Muscicapidae
Usambara Weaver Passeridae
Usambiro Barbet Lybiidae
Usambara Hyliota Sylviidae
Ussher's Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Ula-ai-hawane Fringillidae
Umbrellabird Amazonian  Tyrannidae
Umbrellabird Bare-necked  Tyrannidae
Umbrellabird Long-wattled  Tyrannidae
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