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Our Garden

The best room in the home.


The garden viewed from space via Google Earth

Surrounded by water & woodland, wildlife still finds our garden interesting.



The Garden room.

Not only the best room but the most important. As a species we are by far the most destructive & the greatest draw on the planets resourses. Your garden helps to give a little back.

"The Middle Way"

Our garden has been designed to make maintenance easy yet be attractive to wildlife, while appealing to the senses of sight, sound, smell & taste. We grow plants that attract insects & birds but are beautiful to look at and smell divine.

We grow vegetables & fruit, without using pesticides. Red currents & black currents are mainly left for the birds. The garden pond attracts wildlife as a drinking hole and for food, a grass snake visit as do some dragonflies. We keep small fish to keep down mosquito numbers but not big enough to eat all the tadpoles. We also feed the birds, badgers & a very skitty fox. The mole is tolerated, but not encouraged.



Some people have huge sections of their gardens as wild gardens, clearly a great idea for wildlife but this doesn't appeal to the masses. Some people have sterile gardens, covered with concrete or planted out with little thought apart from how they look. There is another way.



Shrubs & trees attract wildlife, set out to create a stunning garden, they give colour & aroma, throughout the year. The Holy & the Ivy & the Mahonia, Viburnum,  Pyracantha, etc Herbaceous plants & annuals to give added colour and bring more bees, butterflies & moths to the garden. I the winter evergreen shrubs provide shelter & food. Herbs  attract insects while enhancing the flavour of our food.

A garden pond attracts wildlife, provide beauty & the relaxing sound of water. We feed the tadpoles daily ensuring plenty of frogs in the garden.


The pond needed maintenance but still attracts attention.

The garden is always work in progress as we strive to make it better. We will be covering each aspect of the garden in this webste,

At the moment one of my least favorite parts of the garden, but we are now planting shrubs & small trees, in containers to break the eyeline are hopefuly make it into a beautiful walkway.

New plants for this year include Dwarf Pomegranate, Chervil, borage, Fenugreek, Burdock, Ugni fruit & a fig.



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