Yellow-fronted Canary

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Yellow-fronted Canary

Photo by Rick van der Weijde © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by Keith Murdock © all rights reserved


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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Serinus mozambicus Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Fringillidae Family
11-13 cm Length
Grassland, savanna & shrubland, up to 2,300m. In most of Africa, Seychelles and escaped birds now breed in the USA. Habitat
3-4 eggs, incubation by both parents 12-13  days, fledging 17-18 days. Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, seeds and berries. Food  
Gregarious Habits
8733 - TSN: 179559 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

Yellow-fronted Canary song
(Serinus mozambicus)
Don Jones XC43946
13-10-2003, South Africa  

AKA:- Afrikaans: Geeloogkanarie
Catalan: Gafarró de front groc
Czech: zvonohlík mozambický, Zvonohlík žlutocelý
Danish: Mozambiksisken, Mozambiquesisken
German: Mosambikgirlitz, Mossambikgirlitz, Mozambikgirlitz, Mozambikgirliz, Mozambique Girlitz
English: Green Canary, Green Singing Finch, Green Sisie, Icterine Canary, Mozambique Serin, Yellow fronted Canary, Yelloweyed Canary, Yellow-eyed Canary, Yellow-fronted Canary, Yellow-fronted Seedeater, Yellow-fronted Serin
Spanish: Canario de Frente Amarillo, Canario de Mozambique, Cantor de Mozambique, Serín Frentiamarillo, Verdón Cantador
Estonian: habe-rohtlavint
Finnish: Viiksihemppo
French: Serin ŕ front jaune, Serin du Mozambique
Italian: Canarino del Mozambico, Canarino frontegialla
Japanese: kibitaiseiouchou, kimayukanaria
Japanese: キビタイセイオウチョウ, キマユカナリア
Kwangali: Kamukombo Nsense
Latin: Crithagra mozambica, Crithagra mozambicus, Ochrospiza mozambica, Serinus mozambicus
Dutch: Mozambique sijs, Mozambiquesijs
Norwegian: Mosambiksisik, Savanneirisk, Savanneririsk
Polish: kulczyk mozambijski
Portuguese: Canário de Moçambique, canario-de-testa-amarela
Russian: Мозамбикский вьюрок
Slovak: kanárik žltocelý , kanárik žltočelý
Siswant: Mbalane
Sotho, Southern: Tšoere
Swedish: Mosambiksiska
Swahili: Chigi, Chiriku Uso-njano
Tsonga: Manswikidyani
Xhosa: Unyileyo
Chinese: 黃額絲雀, 黄额丝雀
Zulu: umBhalane


Serinus mozambicus
Serinus mozambicus aurifrons
Serinus mozambicus barbatus
Serinus mozambicus caniceps
Serinus mozambicus gertrudis
Serinus mozambicus gommaensis
Serinus mozambicus granti
Serinus mozambicus grotei
Serinus mozambicus hartlaubii
Serinus mozambicus ictera
Serinus mozambicus intensus
Serinus mozambicus madaraszi
Serinus mozambicus mozambicus
Serinus mozambicus punctigula
Serinus mozambicus samaliyae
Serinus mozambicus santhome
Serinus mozambicus songeae
Serinus mozambicus tando
Serinus mozambicus vansoni

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