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 Wood Nuthatch

Trepadeira azul

view photos Photo  by sparkyfaisca June 24, 2007 © all rights reserved


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Photo by Keith Murdock

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Sitta europaea Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Sittidae Family
14 cm Length
Woodland, forest. Temperate Europe and Asia

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 6-8 eggs inc by female 16-18 days fledge 23-24 days. Clutch
Worms, snails, arthropods Nuts. Food  
Rams nuts into a crevice so it can peck at them.   Habits
6843 -  - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

AKA:- Bulgarian: орска зидарка
Czech: Brhlík lesní
Welsh: Delor y Cnau
Danish: Spætmejse
German: Kleiber
Greek: Δεντροτσοπανάκος
English: Eurasian Nuthatch, Eurasian Nuthatch (Eurasian), Wood Nuthatch
Spanish: Trepador Azul
Estonian: Puukoristaja
Finnish: Pähkinänakkeli
French: Sittelle torchepot
Hungarian: Csuszka
Italian: Picchio muratore eurasiatico
Japanese: ゴジュウカラ
Korean: 아물동고비(동고비)
Latin: Sitta europaea, Sitta europaea [europaea Group]
Lithuanian: Bukutis
Dutch: Boomklever
Norwegian: Spettmeis
Polish: kowalik (zwyczajny)
Portuguese: Trepadeira-azul
Russian: Обыкновенный поползень, Поползень
Slovak: brhlík obyčajný, brhlík severský
Swedish: Nötväcka
Ukrainian: Повзик
Chinese: 普通䴓

Sitta europaea
Sitta europaea albifrons
Sitta europaea amurensis
Sitta europaea arctica
Sitta europaea asiatica
Sitta europaea atlas
Sitta europaea baicalensis
Sitta europaea belfordi
Sitta europaea caesia
Sitta europaea caucasica
Sitta europaea cisalpina

  • Sitta europaea europaea: Scandinavia and Russia to Volga and Vyatka basins and Ukraine
  • Sitta europaea caesia: Britain to Denmark, Carpathian Mts., Pyrénées and Balkan Pen.
  • Sitta europaea hispaniensis: Iberian Peninsula
  • Sitta europaea hispaniensis (atlas): Morocco
  • Sitta europaea cisalpina: S Switzerland, Italy, Sicily and coastal Yugoslavia
  • Sitta europaea levantina: W Asia Minor, Levant and S Turkey (E to Euphrates River)
  • Sitta europaea caucasica: N and NE Turkey, Caucasus region and Transcaucasia
  • Sitta europaea persica: Zagros Mountains (SW Iran)
  • Sitta europaea rubiginosa: SE Transcaucasia (Talyshskiye and Gory mountains) to N Iran
  • Sitta europaea asiatica: E European Russia to Sea of Okhotsk, S Kuril Is. and N Japan
  • Sitta europaea albifrons: Kamchatka Peninsula, Paramushir I. and N Kuril Islands
  • Sitta europaea sakhalinensis: Sakhalin (Russia)
  • Sitta europaea roseilia: S Japan (se Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu)
  • Sitta europaea amurensis: SE Russia to NE China, Korea and Honshu (N Japan)
  • Sitta europaea bedfordi: Cheju-Do Islands (Korea)
  • Sitta europaea seorsa: NW China (E Tien Shan Mountains of N Xinjiang)
  • Sitta europaea sinensis: Central and E China and Taiwan

 Video by  Keith Murdock on Vimeo.© all rights reserved


Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Thank you to all of our contributors.

Photo by Keith Murdock

nuthatch%20nest.jpg (64306 bytes)

The Nuthatch reduces the size of a hole with mud to deter Woodpeckers and other predators. Photos by Keith Murdock


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