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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Catoptrophorus semipalmatus Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Scolopacidae Family
 33 - 40 cm(Wingspan 68 - 74 cm) Length
Marine intertidal, coastal marshes  bogs, lakes, pools. Range follow link Habitat
 3 - 5 Eggs, laid in a hollow. Incubation 22 - 29 days by both parents Fledging 28 - 30 days. Clutch
Arthropods, worms, beetles, larvae crustaceans/molluscs & plant matter. Food  
3016 - TSN: 176638 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

 view photos Photo September 27, 2007 by pablo_caceres_c © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Willet Andrew Spencer Kidder County, North Dakota United States XC13805


Video:  April 09, 2007 From:  eastregulater © all rights reserved


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AKA:- Czech: Vodouš brehoušovitı, vodouš břehoušovitı
Danish: Willet
German: Schlammtreter
English: Semipalmated Tattler, Willet
Spanish: Chorlito Ala Blanca, Chorlo, Pigüilo, plaero pihuiuí, Playero, Playero ala blanca, Playero alas blancas, Playero Aliblanco, Playero de alas blancas, Playero grande, Playero Pihuihui, playero pihuihuí, Playero Pihuiuí, Vadeador Aliblanco, Zarapico Real
Spanish (Argentine): Playero Ala Blanca, Playero alas blancas
Spanish (Chile): Playero grande
Spanish (Colombia): Playero Aliblanco
ish (Costa Rica): Pigüilo
Spanish (Cuba): Zarapico Real
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Chorlo
Spanish (Honduras): Playero
Spanish (Mexico): plaero pihuiuí, Playero Pihuihui, playero pihuihuí, playero pihuiuí
Spanish (Nicaragua): Playero Aliblanco
Spanish (Paraguay): Playero ala blanca
Spanish (Uruguay): Chorlito Ala Blanca, Playero Ala Blanca
Spanish (Venezuela): Playero Aliblanco
Estonian: suurtilder
Finnish: Preeriaviklo
French: Chevalier semipalmé, Symphémie semipalmée
Guadeloupean Creole French: Aile blanche
Guarani: Chululu
Haitian Creole French: Bekasin zèl blanch
Hebrew: בבואן
Icelandic: Fjörustelkur
Italian: Totano semipalmato, Willet
Japanese: hajiroooshigi
Japanese: ハジロオオシギ
Latin: Catoptrophorus semipalmatus, Symphemia semipalmata, Tringa semipalmata, Tringa semipalmatus
Lithuanian: Didysis tilvikas
Dutch: Willet
Norwegian: Willetsnipe
Polish: blotowiec, błotowiec
Portuguese: Macarico de asa branca, maçarico-de-asa-branca
Portuguese (Brazil): Maçarico-de-asa-branca
Russian: Перепончатопалый улит
Slovak: Kalužiak bahennı
Slovenian: vilet
Swedish: Willetsnäppa
Turkish: Boz Düdükçün
Chinese: 斑翅鹬

Range:-  Breeds in North America and the West Indies , winters from the USA, Central America & South America.

Rare vagrant to Europe


Tringa semipalmatus breeds along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts of North America and throughout much of the West Indies, and winters from coastal USA, through the Caribbean and Central America, into northern South America.
Tringa semipalmatus inornatus Great Plains and Great Basin in western North America, wintering mainly from the Pacific coast of North America south to Chile,
Tringa semipalmatus semipalmatus

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