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White-tipped Plantcutter

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Photo by Helmut Mueller   © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved



Video byPantanal BirdClub  © all rights reserved

Photo by James C Lowen Pbase  © all rights reserved

Editor Neotropical Bird Club

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Phytotoma rutila Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Cotingidae Family
18-19·5 cm Length
Savanna, shrubland, pasture & arable land seasonally flooded grassland, plantations urban areas, gardens. Up to  3,600 m. Range:- Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay & Uruguay. Habitat
 eggs, incubation  days, fledging  days. Clutch
Fruit, arthropods and larvae. Food  
4447 - TSN: 562164 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

White-tipped Plantcutter. Bernabe Lopez-Lanus. Estancia La Malvina, Santa Rosa, Capital, La Pampa. Argentina.XC106482  Song 

AKA:- Czech: bylinorubec bělopásý, Bylinorubec páskovaný
Danish: Rød Bladskærer
German: Bandpflanzenmäher, Band-Pflanzenmäher, Zweibinden-Pflanzenmäher
English: Red-breasted Plantcutter, Reddish Plantcutter, White tipped Plantcutter, White-tipped Plantcutter
Spanish: Corta Rama, Cortaplantas de Pecho Rojo, Cortarrama, Cortarramas, Cortarramas Argentino, Dentudo
Spanish (Argentine): Cortarrama, Cortarramas
Spanish (Bolivia): Cortarramas
Spanish (Paraguay): Cortarramas, Dentudo
Spanish (Uruguay): Corta Rama, Cortarramas
Finnish: Silpoja
French: Rara du Paraguay
Guarani: Cortarramas, Yvyra ihasya
Hungarian: keskenycsőrű kaszálómadár
Italian: Tagliafoglie codabianca, Tagliafoglie pettirosso
Japanese: akaharakusakaridori
Japanese: アカハラクサカリドリ
Latin: Phytotoma rutila
Dutch: Rosse Zaagvink
Norwegian: Argentinaplanteklipper
Polish: ziolosiek czerwonawy, ziołosiek czerwonawy
Portuguese: corta-ramos, Corta-ramos-de-rabo-branco
Portuguese (Brazil): Corta-ramos, corta-ramos-de-rabo-branco
Russian: Красногрудый траворез
Slovak: štepár sivochrbtý
Swedish: Röd växtmejare
Chinese: 红胸割草鸟


Phytotoma rutila
hytotoma rutila angustirostris
Phytotoma rutila rutila

  • Phytotoma rutila rutila: Chaco of W Paraguay, W Uruguay, N Argentina and extreme S Brazil
  • Phytotoma rutila angustirostris: Highlands of W Bolivia and NW Argentina

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