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Swamp Harrier

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Alternate name
Circus approximans Scientific name
Accipitriformes Order
Acciptridae Family
50 to 60 cm wingspan 120 to 145 cm Length
Wetlands, grassland & shrubland, up to 3800 m. Range:- Habitat
2(3 - 4)7 incubation 33, fledging 45 days. Clutch
Birds, rabbits and other small mammals, reptiles, frogs, fish and carrion Food  
3384 - TSN: 559298 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

Photo by Arthur Grosset © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

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view photosPhoto by Ian Mc1 © all rights reserved A

Great collection of photo’s from New Zealand

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Czech: Moták tichomorský, moták tichomořský
Danish: Australsk Rřrhřg
German: Sumpfweihe, Sumpweihe
English: Allied Marsh Harrier, Australasian Harrier, Australasian Swamp Harrier, Australian Harrier, Gould's Marsh Harrier, Kahu, Marsh Harrier, Pacific Harrier, Pacific Marsh Harrier, Pacific Marsh-Harrier, Swamp Harrier, Swamp Marsh Harrier, Swamphawk
Spanish: Aguilucho Lagunero del Pacifico, Aguilucho Lagunero del Pacífico, Aguilucho Pacífico
Estonian: lőuna-loorkull
Finnish: Australiansuohaukka
French: Busard australien, Busard de Gould, Busard de marais
Indonesian: Elangrawa Coklat
Italian: Albanella australiana
Japanese: minamichuuhi
Japanese: ミナミチュウヒ
Latin: Circus approximans
Maori: kahu
Dutch: Australische Bruine Kiekendief
Norwegian: Australsivhauk
Polish: blotniak moczarowy, błotniak moczarowy
Russian: Болотый лунь
Slovak: kana bažinná
Swedish: Australisk kärrhök
Chinese: 沼泽鹞

Circus approximans approximans
Circus approximans gouldi
Circus approximans spilothorax

[Austrailia:- South Australia, Western Austrailia, Kangaroo Island,] [New Zealand:- Chatham Islands, Lord Howe Island.] New Guinea, [Indonesia:- ,] [
Kermadec Island, Austral Islands, Wallis and Futuna, Torres Group, Cocos Island, Society Islands, Tonga, Makira-Ulawa Province, Fiji, Macquarie Island, , , New Caledonia, Polynesia, , , Melanesia:- Papua New Guinea,

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