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Solitary Snipe

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Gallinago solitaria Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Scolopacidae Family
29–31 cm Length
Seasonally flooded agricultural land, grassland & wetlands, marshes, bogs, lakes, pools. Between 1,500 (2,400 - 5,000 m). Range follow link Habitat
4 Eggs, laid in a plant lined hollow.  Often 2 broods per year. June/July Clutch
Arthropods, worms, beetles, larvae, seed & other plant matterial. Food  
2969  - TSN: 176709 - Sub-species World Number
Least concern Status

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AKA:- Bulgarian: Горска бекасина
Czech: Bekasina horská
Danish: Bjergbekkasin
German: Bergbekassine, Einsiedlerbekassine
English: Solitary Snipe
Spanish: Agachadiza Solitaria
Estonian: mäginepp
Finnish: Vuorikurppa
French: Bécassine solitaire
Italian: Beccaccino solitario, Beccacino solitario
Japanese: aoshigi, Ao-shigi
Japanese: アオシギ
Khakas: Тағ таарғай
Kazakh: Тау мањқысы
Korean: 청도요
Latin: Capella solitaria, Gallinago solitaria
Lithuanian: Kalninis oželis
Mongolian: Өнчин хараалж
Dutch: Bergsnip
Norwegian: Fjellbekkasin
Polish: bekas górski
Russian: Бекас-отшельник, Горный бекас, Горный бекас (горный дупель), Горный бекас (горный дупель, отшельник), Горный бекас (горный дупель,отшельник), Горный дупель, Дупель горный
Slovak: mociarnica samotárska , močiarnica samotárska
Swedish: Bergbeckasin
Tuvinian: Даг дылбыйы
Ukrainian: Баранець гірськи
Chinese: [gu sha-zhui], 孤沙錐, 孤沙锥, 尾沙锥


Afghanistan Vagrant







 Guangxi Zhuang


 Inner Mongolia



 Ningxia Hui




 Xinjiang Uighur



 Eastern Himalayas

 Gangetic plain



 Uttar Pradesh

 Western Himalayas



Kazakhstan Breeding


Mongolia Breeding



North Korea



Saudi Arabia Rare/Accidental

South Korea

Tajikistan Breeding


Turkmenistan Breeding   

USA Rare/Accidental


Gallinago solitaria
Gallinago solitaria japonica:
icher red and less white above,  unknown breeding location, but it winters in Japan.
Gallinago solitaria solitaria Wide spread in the range

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