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Short-winged Grebe

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20061029033619.jpg (38300 bytes) Titicaca Grebe Alternate name
Rollandia microptera Scientific name
Podicipediformes Order
Podicipedidae Family
28-45 cm Length
Freshwater lakes, freshwater marshes/pools. Altitude 3000 - 4300 m. Found in:- Bolivia & Peru. Habitat-Altitude-Range
Breeds at any time of year. Clutch
Fish Food  
Flightless, gregarious except when feeding. Habits
3610 - TSN: 562791 World Number
Endangered Status

Short-winged Grebe, BOLIVIA, Lake Titicaca 27 August 2006 Colin Bushell - Toucan Birding Tours  © all rights reserved

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Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Titicaca Grebe Andrew Spencer Chucuita, Lake Titicaca, Puno Peru song XC40348

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view photos Uploaded by namq © all rights reserved

Titicaca Grebe 

Video by © all rights reserved

Czech: Potápka krátkokrídlá, potápka krátkokřídlá
Danish: Titicacalappedykker
German: Titicacataucher, Titikakataucher
English: Andean Flightless Grebe, Flightless Grebe, Short winged Grebe, Short-winged Grebe, Titicaca Flightless Grebe, Titicaca Grebe
Spanish: Macá del Lago Titicaca, Zampullín del Titicaca
Estonian: titicaca pütt
Finnish: Titicacanuikku
French: Grèbe de Titicaca, Grèbe du Titicaca, Grèbe microptère
Italian: ali brevi, Rallandia alibrevi, Svasso del Lago Titicaca, Svasso del Titicaca
Japanese: kobanekaitsuburi
Japanese: コバネカイツブリ
Latin: Centropelma micropterum, Rollandia microptera, Rollandia micropterum
Dutch: Titicacafuut, Titicaca-fuut
Norwegian: Titicacadykker
Polish: perkoz krótkoskrzydly, perkoz krótkoskrzydły, Perkoz peruwiański
Russian: Короткокрылая поганка, Короткокрылая ролландия
Slovak: potápka krátkokrídla, Potápka krátkokrídly
Swedish: Titicacadopping
Chinese: 短翅䴙䴘

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