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Sarus Crane

Photo by Koshyk  © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Grus antigone Scientific name
Gruiiformes Order
Gruidae Family
115-167 cm. (Wingspan 220 to 250 cm) Length
Grassland, wetlands, lakes, pools, drainage dykes, marshes. Range:- Austrailia:- Queensland, Western Austrailia, Bangladesh, Brunei, Cambodia, China Xishuangbanna Prefecture, Yunnan, India:- Arid northwest, Central highlands, Eastern Himalayas, Gangetic plain, Northeast, Southeast & Southwest India, Uttar Pradesh, Western Himalayas, Island of Borneo, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines:- Lucon, Thailand, Vietnam. See range Map Habitat
 (1-2)3 eggs, incubation 26–35 days, fledging  3 months. Clutch
Invertebrates, small amphibians, crustaceans, small mammals  reptiles & some roots, tubers. Food  
2774 - TSN: 176181 - Sub-species World Number
Vulnerable Status

Sarus Crane David Farrow Keoladeo National Park, Rajasthan XC37593 India song 

AKA:- Czech: jeřáb, Jeráb Antigonin, Jeřáb Antigonin
Danish: Sarustrane
German: Saruskranich
English: Eastern Sarus Crane, Sarus Crane
Spanish: Grulla de Cola Blanca, Grulla Sarus
Estonian: saaruskurg
Finnish: Saruskurki
French: Grue antigone, Grue tropicale
Irish: Grús sárasach
Hebrew: עגור אנטיגוני
Italian: Gru Antigone
Japanese: ooduru, oozuru
Japanese: オオヅル
Latin: Grus antigone
Dutch: Saruskraanvogel
Norwegian: Sarustrane
Polish: zuraw indyjski, żuraw indyjski
Russian: Антигона, индийский журавль
Slovak: Žeriav sarus
Swedish: Sarustrana
Thai: นกกระเรียน , นกระเรียน
Turkish: Sarus Turnası
Vietnamese: Sếu cổ trụi
Chinese: 赤颈鹤


Grus antigone
Grus antigone antigone
Grus antigone fordi
Grus antigone gillae
Grus antigone gilliae
Grus antigone luzonica
Grus antigone sharpii

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