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Rustic Bunting

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Great bird photo’s from Northern Europe

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Emberiza rustica Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Emberizidae Family
13-15 cm ( Length
Boreal forest. boreal shrubland, plantations arable land, wetlands. Range:- Range:- Breeds Northern Asia & Europe. Sweden, Norway, Latvia, Finland, Estonia, Russia. Winters southern Asia & Europe. Vagrant to North America & Western Europe. Habitat
4-6 eggs , incubation by female 12-13 days, fledging 14 days. Clutch
Chicks are fed Insects, spiders and larvae. Adults eat mainly seed. Food  
8904 - TSN: 179538  - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

AKA:- Arabic: درسة الخمائل, درسة الخمائل زرزور جبل
Bulgarian: Белогуша овесарка
Catalan: Repicatalons rústic
Czech: Strnad rolní
Welsh: Bras gwledig
Danish: Pileværling
German: Waldammer
Greek: Βαλτοτσίχλονο, Δασοτσίχλονο
English: Rustic Bunting
Esperanto: arbaremberizo
Spanish: Escribano Rústico
Estonian: Põhjatsiitsitaja
Basque: Repicatalons rústic
Finnish: Pohjansirkku
Faroese: Eyghvítríputur spurvur
French: Bruant rustique
Irish: Gealóg Thuathúil
Galician: Escribenta rústica, Repicatalons rústic
Hebrew: גבתון לבן גרון, גבתון לבן־גרון, גבתון לבן-גרון
Croatian: Šumska strnadica
Hungarian: Erdei sármány
Icelandic: Hrístittlingur
Italian: Zigolo boschereccio
Japanese: Kashira, kashiradaka, Kashira-daka
Japanese: かしら, カシラダカ
Kazakh: Құрқылтайрењ сұлыкеш
Korean: 쑥새
Latin: Chrysophrys rustica, Emberiza rustica
Lithuanian: Miékinė starta, Šiaurine starta, Šiaurinė starta
Latvian: Meža stērste
Mongolian: Цагаан хөмсөгт хөмрөг
Maltese: Durrajsa Qastnija
Dutch: Bosgors
Norwegian: Vierspurv
Polish: trznadel czubaty, Trznadel trzypręgowy
Portuguese: escrevedeira rústica, Escrevedeira-rústica
Romansh: Marena da guaud
Russian: Ovsyanka Remez, Овсянка-ремез
Slovak: Strnádka pol'na, strnádka rolná , strnádka roľná
Slovenian: gozdni strnad
Serbian: Планинска стрнадица
Swedish: Videsparv
Turkish: Ak Kaşlı Çinte, ak kaşly kirazkuşu, Ak-kaşlı çinte, Akkaslı kirazkuşu, Akkaşlı Kirazkuşu, Ak-kaşlı Kirazkuşu
Tuvinian: Аърга сулажызы
Ukrainian: Вівсянка-ремез
Chinese: [tian wu], 田 鹀, 田(巫鳥), 田鵐, 田鹀
Chinese (Taiwan): [tian wu], 田鵐


Emberiza rustica
Emberiza rustica latifascia
Emberiza rustica rustica

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