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Red-bellied Pitta

Photo byAllan Drewitt  © all rights reserved

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Pitta erythrogaster Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Pittidae Family
16 - 18 cm Length
 Below Between Up to  Range:- Austrailia:- Queensland. Island of New Guinea:- New Guinea , Papua New Guinea Irian Jaya(Indonesia:- Greater Sundas:- Sulawesi & many smaller islands.) Philippines, Melanesia.

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 2 - 4 creamy white, eggs, spotted and blotched brownish to purplish-brown with grey-lilac spots, incubation  by both parents. Clutch
Worms, snails, arthropods. Food  
3984 - TSN: 711691 - Sub-species World Number

AKA:- English: Blue-breasted Pitta, Red-bellied Pitta
French: Brève à ventre rouge
Latin: Erythropitta erythrogaster, Pitta erythrogaste

Erythropitta erythrogaster
Erythropitta erythrogaster aruensis Aru Islands (off sw New Guinea)
Erythropitta erythrogaster bernsteini Gebe I. (east of Halmahera)
Erythropitta erythrogaster caeruleitorques Sangihe I. (ne of Sulawesi)
Erythropitta erythrogaster celebensis
Sulawesi Pitta
Erythropitta erythrogaster cyanonota Ternate I. (North Moluccas)
Erythropitta erythrogaster digglesi Papua
Erythropitta erythrogaster dohertyi  
Sula PittaBanggai Is. (Peleng, Banggai) and Sula Is. (Taliabu, Seho, Mangole)
Erythropitta erythrogaster erythrogaster Philippine Islands (except Palawan group)
Erythropitta erythrogaster extima New Hanover (Bismarck Archipelago)
Erythropitta erythrogaster finschii D'Entrecasteaux Archipelago (Fergusson and Goodenough is.
Erythropitta erythrogaster gazellae S Bismarck Archipelago (New Britain and adjacent islands)
Erythropitta erythrogaster habenichti N New Guinea (Weyland Mts. to Astrolabe Ba
Erythropitta erythrogaster inspeculata Talaud
Erythropitta erythrogaster kuehni Papua
Erythropitta erythrogaster loriae  Extreme se New Guinea (e from Kumusi River and Cloudy Bay)
Erythropitta erythrogaster macklotii Pitta macklotii macklotii: W and S New Guinea, W Papuan Is., N and E Cape York Peninsula
Pitta macklotii macklotii (oblita): Papua New Guinea (upper montane Aroa River region)
Erythropitta erythrogaster meeki Rossel I. (Louisiade Archipelago)
Erythropitta erythrogaster novaehibernicae : New Ireland (Bismarck Archipelago)
Erythropitta erythrogaster obiensis Molluca
Erythropitta erythrogaster palliceps  Siau and Tahulandang islands (Celebes Sea)
Erythropitta erythrogaster piroensis Seram I. (South Moluccas)
Pitta erythrogaster propinqua: SW Philippines (Palawan and Balabac)


 Video by jv noriega © all rights reserved

 Video by Tom Tarrant © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

view photos  May 18, 2008 by neon2rosell © all rights reserved

Photo by Pete Morris © all rights reserved (Birdquest)

Red-bellied Pitta

view photos Photo by bram_dm © all rights reserved Dec  08

Blue-breasted Pitta-Pitta erythrogaster

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