Recurve-billed Bushbird

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Recurve-billed Bushbird

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  Alternate name
Clytoctantes alixii Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Thamnophilidae Family
16.5 cm Length
Tropical rainforest, between 185 - 1,750 m. Found in:- Colombia & Venezuela. Habitat-Altitude-Range
Arthropods, larvae. Food  
4595 - TSN: 559364 World Number
Endangered  Rediscovered in 2004.  Notes Status

view photos Photo May 12, 2009 by ProAves Colombia © all rights reserved          

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Recurve-billed Bushbird song
Clytoctantes alixii (0:56)
Oscar Laverde XC12434
30-07-2005, Colombia

Video by  on 1 Dec 2010 © all rights reserved

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Photo by Pete Morris © all rights reserved (Birdquest)

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AKA:- Czech: Mravencík opacný, mravenčík opačný
Danish: Bĺdnćbsmyrefugl
German: Grauer Bodenameisenwürger, Verkehrtschnabel
English: Recurve billed Bushbird, Recurvebill Brushbird, Recurvebill Bushbird, Recurve-billed Bushbird
Spanish: Batará Piquicurvo, Hormiguero Pico de Hoz, Hormiguero Piquicurvo
Spanish (Colombia): Hormiguero Piquicurvo
Spanish (Venezuela): Hormiguero pico de hoz
Finnish: Pystynokkamuura
French: Batara ŕ bec retroussé, Fourmilier ŕ bec biscornu
Italian: Formicario di macchia beccoricurvo, Frascarolo beccocurvo, Hormiguero becco ricurvo
Japanese: sorihashiyabuaridori
Japanese: ソリハシヤブアリドリ
Latin: Clytoctantes alixii
Dutch: Dikbekmiervogel
Norwegian: Kullgrovnebb
Polish: lódkodziób kolumbijski, Łódkodziób kolumbijski
Portuguese: Choca-de-garganta-preta
Portuguese (Brazil): Choca-de-garganta-preta
Russian: Толстоклювая муравьеловка
Slovak: horezob podivný
Swedish: Bĺtnäbbmyrfĺgel
Chinese: 翘嘴丛蚁鵙
This birds habitat must be protected, please support all efforts at concervation.

Felling of unique rainforest must be stopped.

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