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Pine Grosbeak

Photo by March 26, 2007 by ru_24_real © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by  alexanderlees


Video by  © all rights reserved


Map by Alois Staudacher © all rights reserved

Green = Breeding range

File:Pinicola enucleator-Map.png


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Pinicola enucleator Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Fringillidae Family
20-25.5 cm Length
Boreal & temperate forest, plantations Below Between. Breeding range:- See Map Birds move South in winter Habitat
 4-5 eggs, incubation by female for 13–14 days. fledging 13 to 20 days. Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, seeds and berries. Food  
8826 - TSN: 179205 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

Pine Grosbeak Andrew Spencer Stillwater Reservoir, Garfield Co., Colorado United States XC15162 song

AKA:- Belarusian: Шчурок
Catalan: Pinsà del pins
Czech: hıl køivèí, Hıl krivcí, Hıl křivčí
Welsh: Tewbig y pinwydd
Danish: Krognæb
German: Fichtengimpel, Hakengimpel
English: Pine Bullfinch, Pine gosbeak, Pine Grosbeak, Pine Rosefinch
Esperanto: pinikolo
Spanish: Camachuelo carminoso, Camachuelo Picogrueso, Pinicola de Pico Grueso
Estonian: Männileevike
Finnish: Taviokuurna
French: Durbec des pins, Durbec des sapins, Durbec vulgaire, Gros-bec des pins
Hebrew: פתיאל-י
Hungarian: Nagy pirók
Icelandic: Krókfinka
Italian: Ciuffolotto delle pinete
Japanese: ginzammashiko, Gin-zan mashiko, ginzanmashiko, Ginzan-mashiko
Japanese: ギンザンマシコ
Kazakh: Орман құзылқұнағы
Korean: 사하린송원자, 솔양진이
Latin: Pinicola eneucleator, Pinicola enucleator
Lithuanian: Puéinė sniegena, Pušine sniegena, Pušinė sniegena
Latvian: Smilğis, Ziemeļu svilpis
Mongolian: Шүр шувуу
Dutch: Haakbek
Norwegian: Fjelldompap, Konglebit
Polish: luskowiec, Łuskowiec, łuskowiec (zwyczajny), Łuskowiec zwyczajny
Portuguese: pintarroxo de bico grosso, Pintarroxo-de-bico-grosso, Pintarrôxo-de-bico-grosso
Romansh: Bec-gross da guaud
Russian: Shchur, Обыкновенный щур, Щур, Щур обыкновенный
Northern Sami: Bihcebasgáski
Slovak: Hıl' krivonosovitı, hıľ krivonosovitı, hıľ krivonosovitı (smrečiar krivonosı), smrečiar krivonosí, Smrečiar krivonosı
Slovenian: smrekov kalin
Serbian: Polarna zimovka, Поларна зимовка
Swedish: Tallbit
Turkish: Tayga çütresi
Tuvinian: Улуг кызыл-хөрек
Ukrainian: Смеречник
Chinese: [song-que], 松雀


Pinicola enucleator
Pinicola enucleator alascensis
Pinicola enucleator californica
Pinicola enucleator californicus
Pinicola enucleator canadensis
Pinicola enucleator carlottae
Pinicola enucleator enucleator
Pinicola enucleator eschastosus
Pinicola enucleator eschatosa
Pinicola enucleator eschatosus
Pinicola enucleator eschtosus
Pinicola enucleator flammula
Pinicola enucleator flammulus
Pinicola enucleator kamschatkensis
Pinicola enucleator kamtschatkensis
Pinicola enucleator leucura
Pinicola enucleator leucurus
Pinicola enucleator montana
Pinicola enucleator montanus
Pinicola enucleator pacata
Pinicola enucleator pacatus
Pinicola enucleator sakhaliensis
Pinicola enucleator sakhalinensis

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