Palm Tanager  

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Palm Tanager

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thrpal4963.jpg (39344 bytes) 'Palmiste'   'Green Jean' Alternate name
Thraupis palmarum Scientific name 
Passeriformes. Order
Thraupidae Family   
16.5cm               Length
Subtropical/tropical forest and shrubland. Habitat
2-3, brown-blotched cream eggs incubated by female for 14 days in a large cup shaped nest Clutch    Eggs
Fruit, nectare, seeds and insects. Food    Diet
9270 World No

Least Concern                                   


Photo by Arthur Grosset all rights reserved

view photos Photo August 20, 2007 by Pia's birdseye view all rights reserved
Palm Tanager singing in the rain at Asa Wright Nature Center in Trinidad

Video by picusblog all rights reserved

wpe25.jpg (4363 bytes)
Palm Tanager song
(Thraupis palmarum)
Robin Carter XC1024
20-05-2001, Panama
Palm Tanager Song
(Thraupis palmarum)
Sebastian K. Herzog XC3708
07-09-1996, Bolivia
Palm Tanager song
(Thraupis palmarum)
Don Jones XC3379
28-02-89, Venezuela
 Palm Tanager calls and song
(Thraupis palmarum)
Mauricio Cabral Periquito XC7500
23-09-2006, Brazil
Palm Tanager Song
(Thraupis palmarum)
Allen T. Chartier XC9057
16-07-1989, Trinidad & Tobago
Palm Tanager Song
(Thraupis palmarum melanoptera)
Allen T. Chartier XC9389
11-02-1991, Ecuador

view photos Photo March 3, 2009 by Dario Sanches all rights reserved Vale do Ribeira - Registro-SP 

wpe879.jpg (39323 bytes)


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