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Oriental Pratincole

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Glareola maldivarum Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Glareolidae Family
 23–24  cm Length
 Tropical Dry grassland, deserts, scrub. Coastal areas, wetlands. Between Range follow link Habitat
2-3  Eggs, laid in a hollow. Incubation 15-27 days by both parents. Fledging 22-27 days. Clutch
Arthropods, worms, beetles, larvae & plant matter. Food  
3172 - TSN: 176773 World Number
Least Concern Status

view photos Photo by slr2006  © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Oriental Pratincole David Edwards Wat Prohut Cambodia XC24582 calls . 

Video by  summerday0207  © all rights reserved

Video by  summerday0207  © all rights reserved

view photos Photo August 20, 2007 by CarmoPolice © all rights reserved

Photo by Carl-Johan Svensson © all rights reserved

Oriental Pratincole


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AKA:- Czech: Ouhorlík indomalajský
Welsh: Cwtiadwennol y dwyrain
Danish: Orientbraksvale
German: Orient-brachschealbe, Orientbrachschwalbe, Rotbrust-Brachschwalbe
Greek: Ανατολικό Νεροχελίδονο
Greek (Cypriot): Ανατολικό Νεροχελίδονο
English: Eastern Collared Pratincole, Eastern Pratincole, Indian Pratincole, Large Indian Pranticole, Large Indian Pratincole, Oriental praticole, Oriental Pratincole, Pratincole
Spanish: Canastera de las Maldivas, Canastera Oriental, Corredora Oriental
Estonian: ida-pääsujooksur
Finnish: Aasianpääskykahlaaja
French: Glaréole des Maldives, Glaréole indienne, Glaréole orientale
Indonesian: Terik Asia
Icelandic: Svölutrítill
Italian: Pernice di mare asiatica, Pernice di mare dal collare
Japanese: tsubamechidori, Tsubame-chidori
Japanese: ツバメチドリ
Korean: 제비물떼새
Latin: Glareola maldivarum, Glareola maldivarus, Glareola malidivarum
Lithuanian: Rytinė dirvakregždė
Malay: Kedidi Padang
Dutch: Oosterse vorkstaart plevier, Oosterse Vorkstaartplevier
Norwegian: Orientbrakksvale
Polish: zwirowiec orientalny, żwirowiec orientalny
Russian: Vostochnaya Tirkushka, Восточая тиркушка, Восточная тиркушка, Тиркушка восточная
Slovak: prieložník olivový
Slovenian: orientalska komatna tekica
Swedish: Orientalisk vadarsvala, Orientvadarsvala
Thai: นกแอ่นทุ่งใหญ่
Turkish: kısa kuyruklu bataklıkkırlangıcı, Kısa-kuyruklu Bataklık Kırlangıcı, Kısakuyruklu Bataklıkkırlangıcı
Vietnamese: Dô nách nâu
Chinese: 普通燕(行鳥), 普通燕鸻, 普通燕鸻, 燕鴴

Range:- Breeding:- China, Mongolia, Pakistan, Wintering:-

Austrailasia, Indonesia, Melanesia & South East Asia.

Vagrant as far away as United Kingdom.


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