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Oriental Magpie-Robin

Oriental Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis Oriental Magpie-Robin Shama Oriental Shama dayal シキチョウ นกกางเขนบ้าน Karuppu Vellai Kuruvi 鹊鸲

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Oriental Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis Oriental Magpie-Robin Shama Oriental Shama dayal シキチョウ นกกางเขนบ้าน Karuppu Vellai Kuruvi 鹊鸲 range map

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Copsychus saularis Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Muscicapidae Family
19 - 23 cm Length
Tropical owland & montane moist swamp mangrove forest. dry forest, moist shrubland, wetlands, marshes, bogs, rocky areas, often near water, arable land, plantations urban areas, rural gardens. Below Between Up to  Range:- BangladeshBhutan, Island of Borneo, Brunei, Bhutan, Cambodia, China Hong Kong, IndiaAndaman Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand,  & Vietnam

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 4 - 5 eggs, incubation 8 - 14 days, fledging  days. Clutch
Mainly insects caught on the ground or in trees, flower nectar, plant matter. earthworms, snails, small lizards and even small fish. Food  
6603TSN: 559432 - Sub-species World Number
Least concern Status

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AKA:- Czech: šáma stračí
Danish: Dayal
German: Dajaldrossel
English: Oriental Magpie Robin
Spanish: Shama Oriental
Estonian: pugal-harakööbik
Finnish: harakkatasku
French: Shama dayal
Hungarian: Dayal-rigó
Italian: Pettirosso gazza orientale
Japanese: シキチョウ
Latin: Copsychus saularis
Malayalam: മണ്ണാത്തി
Dutch: Dayallijster
Norwegian: Orientskjæreskvett
Polish: sroczek zmienny
Russian: Сорочий шама-дрозд
Slovak: šáma stračia
Swedish: orientshama, Skatnäktergal
Tamil: Karuppu Vellai Kuruvi
Thai: นกกางเขนบ้าน
Chinese: 鹊鸲

Copsychus saularis
Copsychus saularis adamsi
Copsychus saularis amoenus
Copsychus saularis andamanensis
Copsychus saularis ceylonensis
Copsychus saularis deuteronymus
Copsychus saularis erimelas
Copsychus saularis javensis
Copsychus saularis masculus
Copsychus saularis mindanensis
Copsychus saularis musicus
Copsychus saularis nesiarchus
Copsychus saularis nesiotes
Copsychus saularis pagiensis
Copsychus saularis prosthopellus
Copsychus saularis saularis
Copsychus saularis pluto

  • Copsychus saularis saularis: Lowlands of Pakistan to n and w India
  • Copsychus saularis erimelas: NE India to Myanmar, Thailand and Indochina
  • Copsychus saularis prosthopellus: S China (Sichuan to mouth of Yangtze River and Hainan)
  • Copsychus saularis ceylonensis: SE India and Sri Lanka
  • Copsychus saularis andamanensis: Andaman Islands
  • Copsychus saularis musicus (musicus): Peninsular Thailand, Malaysia and Sumatra
  • Copsychus saularis musicus (nesiotes): SE Sumatra, Rhio Archipelago, Belitung and Bangka islands
  • Copsychus saularis musicus (javensis): W Java
  • Copsychus saularis musicus (problematicus): SW and w Borneo
  • Copsychus saularis zacnecus: Simeulue I. (off Sumatra)
  • Copsychus saularis nesiarchus: Nias I. (off Sumatra)
  • Copsychus saularis masculus: Batu Islands (Pini, Tello and Tana Massa)
  • Copsychus saularis pagiensis: Mentawi Archipelago, Siberut and Sipoura islands (off Sumatra)
  • Copsychus saularis amoenus: E Java and Bali
  • Copsychus saularis adamsi: N Borneo, Banggi and adjacent islands
  • Copsychus saularis pluto: E Borneo and Maratua Islands


Photos by © all rights reserved

Videos kclama

Photos by © all rights reserved

Videos kclama

 summerday0207 © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

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Oriental Magpie Robin Copsychus saularis Oriental Magpie-Robin Shama Oriental Shama dayal シキチョウ นกกางเขนบ้าน Karuppu Vellai Kuruvi 鹊鸲

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