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view photos June 11, 2007 Photo by carlosoliveirareis © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by Keith Murdock

Map by Begoon

     S. c. camelus       S. c. molybdophanes
     S. c. massaicus       S. c. australis


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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Struthio camelus Scientific name
Struthioniformes Order
Struthionidae Family
2 m Length
Grassland, savannah and scrub. Native to Africa. See map Habitat
Eggs are laid in a creche by multiple females. Incubation 35 to 45 days Clutch
Arthropods, larvae, worms, seed fruit & berries.They will eat almost anything, having no teeth they swallow stones to aid digestion. Food  
Ostriches protect their young in crèches with large numbers of youngsters being protected by one pair.  When hiding they lie with their necks flat to the ground so they appear to be mounds of earth.  Habits
1 - TSN: 202219 - Sub-species World Number
Least concern Status

If you have sound recording of the Rhipiduridae please send it to xeno-canto. 

AKA:- Afrikaans: Volstruis
Arabic: النعامة
Azerbaijani: Dəvəquşu
Belarusian: straŭs, Страус, страўс
Bulgarian: štraus, щраус
Breton: struskańval, Struskańval
Catalan: estruç
Czech: pštros, pštros dvouprstę
Welsh: estrys
Danish: Masaistruds, struds
German: Arabischer Strauß, Nordafrikanische Strauß, Strauss
Greek: strouthokamilos, στρουθοκάμηλος
English: African Ostrich, Arabian ostrich, Common Ostrich, North African Ostrich, Ostrich, Ostrich (Common), Sahel Ostrich
Esperanto: struto
Spanish: Avestruz
Estonian: jaanalind
Basque: ostruka
Finnish: Strutsi
Faroese: strutsur
French: autruche, Autruche d'Afrique
Friulian: struç
Frisian: strúsfûgel
Irish: avestruz, ostrais, ostrais Thua-Afracach
Gaelic: Struth
Galician: Avestruz
Manx: eean roie, ostriçh
Hebrew: יען
Croatian: noj
Hungarian: strucc
Icelandic: Strútur
Italian: struzzo, Struzzo comune
Japanese: dachou
Japanese: ダチョウ
Cornish: strus
Latin: Struthio camelus, Struthio camelus [camelus Group], Struthio camelus camelus
Ladino: struz
Lithuanian: Afrikinis strutis, strutis
Latvian: strauss
Macedonian: noj, ноj, Ној
Maltese: Nama
Dutch: Struisvogel
Norwegian: struts
Sotho, Northern: Mpšhe
Occitan: estruci
Polish: struś, strus czerwonoskóry, struś czerwonoskóry, Struś masajski, Struś północnoafrykański
Portuguese: avestruz
Romansh: strut
Romanian: astrechi barimatango, strut, struţ
Russian: straus, Африканский Страус, страус
Sardinian: a-bistrussu, istrutzu
Scots: struth
Northern Sami: struhcca
Slovak: pštros, Pštros dvojprstę
Slovenian: Noj
Shona: Mhou
Albanian: struci
Serbian: Hoj, noj, ноj, Ној
Siswant: Inshi
Sotho, Southern: Mpšhe
Swedish: Masajstruts, Struts
Swahili: Mbuni
Turkmen: devekuşu
Tswana: Mpshe
Turkish: devekuşu
Tsonga: Yinca
Ukrainian: straus, страус
Sorbian, Lower: štrus
Sorbian, Upper: štrus
Xhosa: Inciniba
Chinese: 非洲鸵鸟
Zulu: iNtshe


Struthio camelus
Struthio camelus [camelus Group]
Struthio camelus australis
Struthio camelus camelus
Struthio camelus camelus (rothschildi)
Struthio camelus camelus (spatzi)
Struthio camelus massaicus
Struthio camelus molybdophanes
Struthio camelus rothschildi
Struthio camelus spatzi
Struthio camelus syriacus †

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