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Magnificent Frigatebird
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Photo by Arthur Grosset  © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video QuasarExpeditions by  © all rights reserved

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Fregata magnificens Scientific name
Pelicaniformes Order
Fregatidae Family
89-114 cm. (Wingspan 217–224 cmcm) Length
Open cvean, coastal waters, lagoons, estuaries. Range:- Pacific & Atlantic coasts of  America, Caribbean & the Galapagos. Habitat
1 White eggs, incubation by both parents 53 and 61 days, They feed the young for three months before the male abandons them. the female carries on for another thirteen months. Clutch
Fish, squid, birds, chicks, eggs, turtles, crabs, jellyfish, offal. Food  
They often spend all day and night on the wing. Habits
3823 - TSN: 174763 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

Magnificent Frigatebird Oswaldo Cortes Cabo de la Vela (Guajira) Colombia XC92598 call

AKA:- Catalan: Fregata grossa
Creoles and Pidgins, French-based (Other): fregat, sizo
Czech: Fregatka vznešená
Danish: Amerikansk Fregatfugl, Pragtfregatfugl
German: Prachtfregattvogel
English: Galapagos Man-o-war-bird, Magnificent Frigata, Magnificent Frigate Bird, Magnificent Frigatebird, Magnificent Frigate-bird, Magnificient Frigatebird, Man O'War Bird, Man-o'-War Bird, Man-o'-war-bird, Man-o-war-bird
Spanish: Ave fragata, Fragata, Fragata Magnífica, Fragata o tijerilla, Fregata magnifica, Rabihorcado, Rabihorcado grande, Rabihorcado Magníf, Rabihorcado Magnífico, Rabihorcado Magno, Rabijunco, Tijereta, Tijerilla
Spanish (Argentine): Ave fragata
Spanish (Chile): Ave fragata
Spanish (Colombia): Fragata Magnífica
Spanish (Costa Rica): Rabihorcado magno
Spanish (Cuba): Fragata, Rabihorcado
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Rabihorcado, Tijereta
Spanish (Honduras): Fragata o tijerilla
Spanish (Mexico): Fragata Magnífica, fregata magnifica
Spanish (Nicaragua): Rabihorcado Magno
Spanish (Uruguay): Fragata
Spanish (Venezuela): Tijereta de Mar
Estonian: keiser-fregattlind
Basque: Fregata grossa
Finnish: Isokaappari, keisarifregattilintu, Keisarikaappari
French: Frégate magnifique, Frégate marine, Frégate superbe
Guadeloupean Creole French: Malfini
Gaelic: Eun-Chogaidh
Galician: Fregata grossa, Rabiforcado
Haitian Creole French: Sizo
Hebrew: פריגט נהדר
Icelandic: Freigátufugl
Italian: Fregata magnifica
Japanese: amerikagunkandori
Japanese: アメリカグンカンドリ
Latin: Fregata aquila, Fregata magnificens, Fregata magnificens lowei
Lithuanian: Puoénioji fregata, Puošnioji fregata
Dutch: Amerikaanse Fregatvogel, Ascensionfregatvogel
Norwegian: Ascensionfregattfugl, Praktfregattfugl
Polish: fregata wielka
Portuguese: alcatraz, Catraia, fragata, Fragata-comum, Fragata-magnífica, grapira, João-grande, Rabo-forcado, tesoura, tesourão, tesourão-magnífico, tesoureiro
Portuguese (Brazil): alcatraz, catraia, fragata, grapira, joão-grande, rabo-forcado, tesoura, Tesourão, tesourão-magnífico, tesoureiro
Russian: Великолепный фрегат, Вознесенский фрегат
Slovak: fregata orlia, Fregata vznešená
Slovenian: lepa burnica
Swedish: Ascensionfregattfågel, Praktfregattfågel
Turkish: büyük fregat kuşu, Büyük Fregatkuşu
Chinese: 华丽军舰鸟, 阿岛军舰鸟

Magnificent Frigatebird: Fregata magnificens
Magnificent Frigatebird (lowei): Fregata magnificens lowei
Rothschild's Magnificent Frigatebird: Fregata magnificens rothschildi

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