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Magellanic Penguin

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Pingüino de Magallanes Alternate name
Spheniscus magellanicus Scientific name
Ciconiiformes Order
Spheniscidae Family
61–76 cm Length
Rocky shoreline, coastal inshore water, pelagic deep water. Breeds:- Argentina, Chile & Falkland Islands. Habitat
Two eggs are laid, both usually survives, incubation by both parents for 39–42  days, care is rotated, the chicks leave the nest after 29 days. Clutch
Squid. crustaceans, fish & krill. Food  
Gregarious & monogamous Habits
3843 - TSN: 174464 World Number
Near Threatened Status

Photo by Arthur Grosset © all rights reserved          

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Magellanic Penguin Bernabe Lopez-Lanus Isla Martillo (Estancia Harberton), provincia Tierra del Fuego Argentina XC45554 Song

Video by © all rights reserved

Video By sp1d3r1 February 20, 2010 © all rights reserved

Photo by Arthur Grosset © all rights reserved  

Pinguino de Magallanes (Spheniscus magellanicus)

Afrikaans: Magellaanse Pikkewyn
Czech: Tucnák magellanský, tučňák magellanský
Danish: Magellanpingvin
German: Magellanpinguin
English: Magellanic Penguin
Spanish: Pingüino de Magallanes, Pingüino Magellanico, Pingüino Magellánico, Pingüino patagónico
Spanish (Argentine): Pingüino patagónico
Spanish (Colombia): Pingüino de Magallanes
Spanish (Uruguay): Pingüino de Magallanes
Estonian: patagoonia pingviin
Finnish: Patagonianpingviini
French: Manchot de Magellan
Hebrew: פינגווין מאגלאן
Italian: patagonico, Pinguino di Magellano
Japanese: mazerampengin, mazeranpengin
Japanese: マゼランペンギン
Latin: Spheniscus magellanicus
Lithuanian: Magelaninis pingvinas
Dutch: Magelhaenpinguïn
Norwegian: Magellanpingvin
Polish: pingwin magellanski, pingwin magellański
Portuguese: naufragado, pato-do-mar, pato-marinho, penguim, Pinguim de Magalhães, pinguim-de-Magalhã, Pingüim-de-magalhã, pinguim-de-Magalhães, Pingüim-de-magalhães
Portuguese (Brazil): naufragado, pato-do-mar, pato-marinho, penguim, pinguim-de-Magalhães, Pingüim-de-magalhães
Russian: магелланов пингвин
Slovak: tucniak dvojpásy , Tučniak dvojpásy
Swedish: Magelhaen penguin, Magellanpingvin
Turkish: Magellenic Penguen
Chinese: 南美企鹅

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