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Long-toed Stint  

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Calidris subminuta Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Scolopacidae Family
 (Wingspan ) Length
Marine intertidal, woodland, grassland & wetlands, marshes, bogs, lakes, pools. Between Range follow link Habitat
3-4 Eggs, laid in a hollow. Incubation 15-27 days by both parents. Fledging 22-27 days. Clutch
Arthropods, worms, beetles, larvae crustaceans/molluscs & plant matter. Food  
3033 - TSN: 176657 World Number
Least Concern Status

view photos Photo by Changhua Coast Conservation Action (TWSG)  © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

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Video by  © all rights reserved

view photos Photos by Pattana's Gallery © all rights reserved

view photos Photo by Changhua Coast Conservation Action (TWSG)  © all rights reserved

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AKA:- Afrikaans: Langtoonstrandloper
Catalan: Territ menut Siberiŕ
Cebuano: tiut-tiut
Czech: Jespák dlouhoprstý
Danish: Langtĺet ryle
German: Langzehen-Strandläufer
Greek: Σιβηρική Νανοσκαλίδρα
English: Longtoed Stint, Long-toed Stint
Spanish: Correlimos chico, Correlimos de Dedos Largos, Correlimos Dedilargo
Estonian: siberi rüdi (siberi risla), Siperiansirri
Finnish: Siperiansirri
French: Bécasseau ŕ longs doigts
Irish: Gobadáinín Ladharfhada
Hebrew: חופית ארוכת־אצבעות, חופית ארוכת-אצבע, חופית ארוכת-אצבעות
Hungarian: Hosszúujjú partfutó
Indonesian: Kedidi Jari-panjang
Icelandic: Sportíta
Italian: Gambecchio ditalunghe, Gambecchio minore
Japanese: hibarishigi, Hibari-shigi
Japanese: ヒバリシギ
Kazakh: Ұзынсаусақ құмдауық
Korean: 종달도요
Latin: Actodromas damacensis, Calidris subminuta, Ereunetes subminutus, Erolia subminuta, Pisobia damacensis, Pisobia subminuta, Tringa damacensis
Lithuanian: Ilgapirétis bėgikas
Mongolian: Савар элсэг
Malay: Kedidi Jari Panjang
Dutch: Taiga strandloper, Taigastrandloper
Norwegian: Langtĺsnipe
Polish: biegus smuklonogi, Biegus smukłonogi
Portuguese: Pilrito-de-dedos-compridos, Pilrito-diminuto
Russian: Dlinnopaly Pesochnik, Длиннопалый песочник, Песочник длиннопалый
Slovak: Pobrežník dlhoprstý
Slovenian: dolgoprsti prodnik
Swedish: Lĺngtĺsnäppa
Swahili: Chokowe Madole-marefu
Thai: นกสติ๊นท์นิ้วยาว, นกสติ๊นท์นี้วยาว
Turkish: uzun parmaklı kumkuşu, Uzun-parmaklı Kumkuşu
Tuvinian: Узун салааларлыг элизинчи
Vietnamese: Dẽ ngón dŕi, Ngón dŕi, Rẽ lưng đen
Chinese: [chang-zhi bin-yu], [yun-que yu], 長趾濱鷸, 长趾滨鹬, 雲雀鷸
Chinese (Taiwan): [yun-que yu], 雲雀鷸

Range:- Endemic breeder in  Russia.

Winters:- China, Micronesia, Malaysia, South Korea, Middle East.

Vagrant to Europe & North America


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