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Lappet-faced Vulture

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Alternate name
Torgos tracheliotus Scientific name
Accipitriformes Order
Acciptridae Family
95–115 cm (Wingspan of 2.5–3 m) Length
Hot dessert, grassland & shrubland, up to 3500 m. Found in:- Botswana, Central African Republic, Democratic Rep. of Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, France, Israel, Jordan, Kenya, Libya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Spain, Swaziland, Syria, Tanzania, Tunisia, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe. Habitat
Carrion & small or weak/dying animals. Food  
3364 - TSN: 563501 - Sub-species World Number
Vulnerable Status

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Afrikaans: Swartaasvoël
Arabic: نسر اذون
Bulgarian: Ушат лешояд
Catalan: Voltor torgos
Czech: sup královsky
Danish: Řregrib
German: Ohrengeier, Zapataammer
English: Abyssinian Vulture, Lapped-faced Vulture, Lappetfaced Vulture, Lappet-faced Vulture, Nubian Vulture, Southern Lappet-faced Vulture
Spanish: Buitre Orejudo
Estonian: voltpea-raisakotkas
Basque: Voltor torgos
Finnish: Korvakorppikotka
French: Oricou, Vautour oricou
Galician: Voltor torgos
Hebrew: עוזניית נגב
Icelandic: Eyrnagammur
Italian: Avvoltoio orecchiuto
Japanese: mimihidahagewashi
Japanese: ミミヒダハゲワシ
Kwangali: Ekuvi
Latin: Aegypius tracheliotus, Torgos tracheliotos, Torgos tracheliotus, Torgos tracheliotus tracheliotus
Lithuanian: Ausuotasis grifas
Dutch: Oorgier
Norwegian: Řregribb
Sotho, Northern: Lenong le Leso
Polish: sep uszaty, sęp uszaty
Portuguese: Abutre-real
Russian: Африканский ушастый гриф
Slovak: Sup ušatý
Slovenian: golouhi jastreb
Shona: Gora
Siswant: Lingce
Sotho, Southern: Letlaka-pipi
Swedish: Örongam
Swahili: Tumbusi Ngusha
Tswana: Bibing
Turkish: sarkık yanaklı akbaba
Tsonga: Koti
Xhosa: Isilwangangubo
Zulu: iNqe

Torgos tracheliotus negevensis
Torgos tracheliotus nubicus
Torgos tracheliotus tracheliotus

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