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Hoary Redpoll

view photosPhoto's by Sergey Yeliseev © all rights reserved

Great bird photo’s from Northern Europe

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by Petroglyph100· © all rights reserved

view photosPhoto by ru_24_real May 23, 2006

Part of a wonderful wild life collection.

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Carduelis hornemanni Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Fringillidae Family
12-14 cm Length
Breeds high arctic, in tundra birch forest. Shrubland, plantations urban areas, gardens. Range:- Circumpolar Northern America, North Asia & Europe. Habitat
3(4-5)6 eggs, incubation by female 11-15 days, fledging 12-(14) days. Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, seeds. Food  
8786 - TSN: 179231 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status
Arctic Redpoll Paul Driver Dalton Highway n of Brooks Range, AK United States XC65804 song  
AKA:- Belarusian: Попельная чачотка
Catalan: Passerel carpoblanc, Passerell de bec groc
Valencian: Passerell de bec groc
Czech: Čečetka bělavá, Čečetka bělavá, čečetka bělavá
Welsh: Llinos bengoch yr Arctig, Llinos lwydwen
Danish: Hvidsisken
German: Fahl-Birkenzeisig, Hornemanns Zeisig, Polarbirkenzeisig, Polar-Birkenzeisig, Polarzeisig
English: Arctic, Arctic Redpoll, Coue's Redpoll, Greenland Redpoll, Hoary Redpoll, Hornemann's Redpoll, Mealy Redpoll, Pale redpoll, Tundra Redpoll
Esperanto: siberia flamkardelo
Spanish: Pardillo Ártico, Pardillo de Hornemann, Pardillo sizerín
Estonian: Hele-urvalind
Finnish: Tundraurpiainen
Faroese: Reyđskalla, reyđskalli
French: Sizerin blanchâtre, Sizerin Hornemann
Irish: Deargéadan artach
Hebrew: תפוחית צפונית
Croatian: Polarna juričica
Hungarian: Szürke zsezse
Icelandic: Hrímtittlingur
Italian: Organetto artico, Organetto pallido
Inuktitut: Orpimmiutaq avannarleq, Sakoariak
Japanese: kobenihiwa, Kobeni-hiwa
Japanese: コベニヒウァ, コベニヒワ
Kazakh: Күл шекілдек
Greenlandic: Orpimmiutaq avannarleq, Sakoariak
Korean: 쇠홍방울새
Latin: Acanthis flammea hornemanni, Acanthis hornemanni, Acanthis hornemannii, Carduelis hornemanni, Carduelis hornemanni hornemanni
Limburgish: Sjteinkneuter
Lithuanian: Poliarinis cimciakas, Poliarinis čimčiakas, Tundrinis čimčiakas
Latvian: Gaišais ķeģis
Mongolian: Шунхан зулай
Dutch: Witstuitbar sijs, Witstuitbarmsijs
Norwegian: Polarsisik
Polish: Czeczotka blada, Czeczotka polarna, czeczotka tundrowa
Portuguese: pintaroxo de hornemann, Pintarroxo de Hornemann, Pintarrôxo de Hornemann, Pintarroxo-boreal
Russian: Пепельная чечетка, Пепельная чечётка, Тундряная чечетка, Чечетка тундряная
Northern Sami: Seallecizš
Slovak: polárny belavý, Stehlâk belavý, Stehlâk polárny, stehlík belavý, stehlík polárny
Slovenian: polarni brezovcek, polarni brezovček
Serbian: Poljarna juričica, Пољарна jуричица
Swedish: Snösiska
Turkish: kutup isketesi, Kutup İsketesi
Tuvinian: Соңгу-чүк чечётказы
Ukrainian: Біла чечітка, Чечітка біла
Chinese: 极北朱顶雀


Carduelis hornemanni
Carduelis hornemanni exilipes
Carduelis hornemanni hornemanni
Carduelis hornemanni hornemanni

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