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Great Snipe

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Gallinago media Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Scolopacidae Family
42-50 cm (Wingspan ) Length
Marshes and wet Meadows bogs, lakes, pools. Between Range follow link Habitat
 3-4 egg Eggs, laid in a scrape Incubation by both parents Clutch
Arthropods, worms, beetles, larvae & crustaceans. Food  
Migratory Leking Habits
2974 - TSN: 176704 - World Number
Near Threatened Status

view photos Photo September 15, 2006 by tommilaurinsalo © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Great Snipe Patrik Åberg Östen, Västergötland Sweden XC27083 Song

Video by    © all rights reserved

Photo by Petri Pietiline © all rights reserved

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Long, non-stop bird-flight

Great snipes ( Gallinago media) that summer in Scandinavia fly to their winter habitat in Africa in just two to three days, according to researchers led by biologist Raymond Klaasen of Sweden's Lund University.

Writing in Biology Letters, Klaasen said the snipes not only flew over seas and deserts but also attractive rest and feeding grounds.

Little was known previously about the migratory behaviour of the shorebird, a relative of the common snipe. Klaasen's team captured 10 great snipes at their summer habitat in central Sweden and fitted them with tiny geolocating devices that recorded their flights.

The team recaptured three of the birds a year later and were able to reconstruct their migration. All three crossed the Baltic Sea, the Balkans, the Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, the Libyan coast and Sahara Desert on their way to central Africa.

While other migratory birds take advantage of many possible stopovers en route to rest and feed, great snipes fly the distance almost nonstop, Klaasen said.

They also shun stops on the return trip. He said they reached speeds of up to 100 kilometres per hour — without assistance from tail winds, as meteorological data showed. — DPA

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AKA:- Afrikaans: Dubbelsnip
Arabic: الشنقب الكبير, الشنقب الكبير رهيز
Asturian: Gacha Rial
Azerbaijani: Tənbəl bekas
Belarusian: Дубальт
Bulgarian: Голяма бекасина
Breton: Ar gioc'h lost gwenn
Catalan: Becadell gros, Cegall reial
Catalan (Balears): Cegall reial
Czech: Bekasina vetší, Bekasina větší, Bekasína větší, bekasina vìtší
Welsh: Ciach fawr, Gïach fawr
Danish: Tredækker
German: Doppelschnepfe
Greek: Διπλομπεκάτσινο, Διπλοπικάτσονο
Greek (Cypriot): Διπλοπικάτσονο
English: Double Snipe, Great Snipe, Greater Snipe
Esperanto: granda galinago
Spanish: Agachadiza Real
Estonian: Rohunepp
Basque: Becadell gros, Istingor handi, Istingor handia
Finnish: Heinäkurppa
Faroese: Trírondut snípa
French: Bécassine double
Irish: Naoscach Mhór
Galician: Becacina real, Becadell gros
Manx: Coar heddagh vooar
Hebrew: חרטומית בינונית
Croatian: Šljuka Livadarka
Hungarian: Nagy sárszalonka
Armenian: [Krknakttsar ], Կրկնակտցար
Icelandic: Heiğasnípa
Italian: Croccolone
Japanese: yoaroppajishigi, Yooroppaji-shigi, yo-roppajishigi
Japanese: ヨアロッパジシギ, ヨーロッパジシギ
Georgian: გოჭა
Kazakh: Мањқы
Latin: Capella media, Gallinago major, Gallinago media
Lithuanian: Dubeltas, Stulgys
Latvian: Ķikuts
Macedonian: Голема бекасина, Шлука ливадарка
Mongolian: Оноот хараалж
Maltese: Bekkaċċ ta' Mejju
Dutch: Poelsnip
Norwegian: Dobbeltbekkasin
Polish: (bekas) dubelt, bekas dubelt, Bubelt, dubelt
Portuguese: narceja real, Narceja-real
Romansh: becassina dubla, Becassina media
Russian: Dupel, Дупель, Дупель обыкновенный
Northern Sami: Stuorrameahkástat
Slovak: Močiarnica lúčna, Močiarnica tichá
Slovenian: coketa, čoketa
Albanian: Shapka e madhe e ujit
Serbian: Šljuka livadarka, Шлјука ливадарка, Шљука ливадарка
Swedish: Dubbelbeckasin
Swahili: Sululu Mkubwa
Turkish: Büyük Bataklık çulluğu, Büyük su çulluğu, Büyük Su Çulluşu, Büyük Suçulluğu
Tuvinian: Дылбый
Ukrainian: Баранець великий , Дупель
Chinese: 斑腹沙锥





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