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Franklin's Gull
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Photo by Arthur Grosset  © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by 63barty © all rights reserved

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Leucophaeus pipixcan Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Laridae Family
 32-36 cm. (Wingspan 81-93 cm) Length
Breeds in marshes, bogs, lakes, seasonaly flooded areas, Non-breedind marine intertidal, Sea Cliffs, rocky offshore Islands & beeches, tidepools, lagoons. Open ocean, Range follow link Habitat
 2-3eggs, incubation by both parents, 24-25 days, fledging 25-31 days. Clutch
Earthworms, emerging chironomids, aquatic invertebrates, grasshoppers, rodents and fish Food  
Gregareous, nesting in large colonies, often in association with other species. The only gull to moult twice in a year. Habits
3232 - TSN: 176838 - Sub-species World Number
Least concern Status

Franklin's Gull Andrew Spencer Burke County prairie potholes, North Dakota United States XC104589 call

AKA:- Afrikaans: Franklinse Meeu
Catalan: Gavina de Franklin
Czech: Racek Franklinuv, racek vnitrozemský
Welsh: Gwylan Franklin
Danish: Præriemåge
German: Franklinmöwe, Franklin-Möwe, Franklins Möwe, Präriemöwe
Greek: Λευκόστιχτος Γλάρος
Greek (Cypriot): Λευκόστιχτος Γλάρος
English: Franklin's Gull
Spanish: Gaviota chica, Gaviota de Franklin, Gaviota Pipixcan, Gaviota Pipizcan
Spanish (Argentine): Gaviota chica
Spanish (Chile): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Colombia): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Costa Rica): Gaviota de franklin
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Honduras): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Mexico): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Nicaragua): Gaviota de Franklin
Spanish (Paraguay): Gaviota chica
Spanish (Venezuela): Gaviota Rosada, Guanaguanare de Franklin
Estonian: preeriakajakas
Basque: Gavina de Franklin, Pipizkan kaioa
Finnish: Preerianaurulokki
Faroese: Heygsmási
French: Mouette de Franklin, Mouette des prairies
Irish: Sléibhín Franklin
Galician: Gaivota de Franklin, Gavina de Franklin
Guarani: Ojaja
Haitian Creole French: Mòv tèt nwa ti bèk
Hebrew: שחף אפור זנב, שחף פרנקלין
Hungarian: Franklin sirály, Prérisirály
Icelandic: Sléttumáfur
Italian: Gabbiano di Franklin
Japanese: amerikazugurokamome, Amerika-zuguro-kamome
Japanese: アメリカズグロカモメ
Latin: Larus franklini, Larus franklinii, Larus pipixcan, Leucophaeus pipixcan
Lithuanian: Prerijinis kiras
Dutch: Franklin-meeuw, Franklins Meeuw
Norwegian: Franklinmåke
Polish: Mewa karaibska, mewa preriowa
Portuguese: Gaivota de Franklin, Gaivota-de-franklin
Portuguese (Brazil): Gaivota-de-franklin
Russian: Франклинова чайка
Slovak: cajka prériová, Čajka prériová
Slovenian: prerijski galeb
Swedish: Präriemås
Turkish: Maskeli Martı
Chinese: 弗氏鷗, 弗氏鸥

Range:- Breeds in:- Canada & in the USA state of Alaska.

Winters in Argentina, Caribbean, Chile & Peru.

Vagrant to Western Europe, Austrailasia, Falkland Islands, Africa, Japan. many Islands in the Atlantic & Pacific Oceans.


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