Eastern Meadowlark

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Eastern Meadowlark

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Sturnella magna Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Icteridae Family
19 to 28 cm Length
Tropical rainforest swamp-forest Forest. montane Shrubland, plantations urban areas, gardens. Below Between   Range:- Endemic to See`Map Habitat
 eggs, incubation  days, fledging  days. Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, nectare, seeds and berries. Food  
9670 - TSN: 179034 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern NR by Birdlife Int Status

Eastern Meadowlark(Sturnella magna praticola Michel Giraud-Audine Route de Guatemala (Kourou) French Guiana XC144205 

AKA:- Vlhovec východní
Danish: Østlig Englærke
German: Lerchenstärling, Lerchen-Stärling
English: Arizona Meadowlark, Common Meadowlark, Eastern Meadowlark, Eastern Meadowlark (Eastern), Field Lark, Liliana's Meadowlark, Meadow Starling, Meadowlark, Mexican Starling, Rio Grande Meadowlark, Southern Meadowlark, Texas Meadowlark
Spanish: Cantor de pradera, Chirlobirlo, Loica Oriental, Pradero común, Pradero Tortilla-con-chile, Sabanero, Turpial Oriental, Zacatero Común
Spanish (Colombia): Chirlobirlo
Spanish (Costa Rica): Zacatero común
Spanish (Cuba): Sabanero
Spanish (Honduras): Cantor de pradera
Spanish (Mexico): Pradero Común, pradero tortilla-con-chile
Spanish (Nicaragua): Zacatero Común
Estonian: ida-niiduturpial
Finnish: Preeriaturpiaali
French: Sturnelle des prés
Icelandic: Stráklofi
Italian: Sturnella allodola orientale, Sturnella orientale
Japanese: higashimakibadori
Japanese: ヒガシマキバドリ
Latin: Sturnella magna, Sturnella magna [magna Group]
Lithuanian: Didysis trupialas
Dutch: Witkaakweidespreeuw
Norwegian: Englerketrupial
Polish: wojak obrozny, wojak obrożny
Portuguese: pedro-celouro, Peito-amarelo-celouro, soldado
Portuguese (Brazil): pedro-celouro, Pedro-ceroulo, peito-amarelo-celouro, soldado
Russian: Восточный луговой трупиал
Slovak: lúčnik obojkový
Slovenian: vzhodni travniški škorčevec
Swedish: Östlig ängstrupial
Turkish: Tarla Sığırcığı, tarlasığırcığı
Chinese: 东草地鹨

Sturnella magna
Sturnella magna [magna Group]
Sturnella magna [magna]
Sturnella magna alticola
Sturnella magna argutula
Sturnella magna auropectoralis
Sturnella magna griscomi
Sturnella magna hippocrepis
Sturnella magna hoopesi
Sturnella magna inexpectata
Sturnella magna inexspectata
Sturnella magna lilianae Lilian's Meadowlark
Sturnella magna magna
Sturnella magna meridionalis
Sturnella magna mexicana
Sturnella magna monticola
Sturnella magna neglecta
Sturnella magna paralios
Sturnella magna praticola
Sturnella magna praticola (monticola)
Sturnella magna quinta

Geographic range:

Sturnella magna magna: S Ontario east to Quebec and south to n Texas and ne Georgia
Sturnella magna praticola: Llanos of e Colombia to s Venezuela and n Guyana
Sturnella magna praticola (monticola): Tepuis of s Venezuela (Mt. Roraima)
Sturnella magna argutula: SE Kansas and Oklahoma to e US (Carolinas to Florida)
Sturnella magna hoopesi: S Texas (Eagle Pass) to n Coahuila, Nuevo León and n Tamaulipas
Sturnella magna auropectoralis: Mexico (Durango and Sinaloa to Michoacán, México and n Puebla)
Sturnella magna saundersi: S Mexico (Oaxaca)
Sturnella magna alticola: Highlands of s Mexico (Guerrero, s Puebla, Veracruz) to Costa Rica
Sturnella magna mexicana: Caribbean slope of se Mexico (Veracruz and Tabasco to Chiapas)
Sturnella magna griscomi: SE Mexico (arid coastal n Yucatán Peninsula)
Sturnella magna inexspectata: Pine savanna of Belize, Petén of Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua
Sturnella magna subulata: Pacific slope of Panama
Sturnella magna meridionalis: E Andes of Colombia to Andes of nw Venezuela
Sturnella magna paralios: N Colombia and savannas of w Venezuela
Sturnella magna quinta: Suriname and ne Amazonian Brazil
Sturnella magna hippocrepis: Cuba and Isle of Pines

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