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Dusky Thrush

Brown Thrush, Dusky Thrush, Naumann's Thrush, Turdus eunomus, Turdus naumanni, Turdus naumanni eunomus, Grive ŕ ailes bruns, Grive ŕ ailes rousses, Grive de Naumann, hachiju tsugumi, shinai, tsugum, Zorzal de Naumann, Zorzal eunomo, 斑 鸫, 斑鶇, 斑鸫, 斑鸫北方亚种, 斑點鶇, by Lip Kee.

Photo by Lip Kee Yap © all rights reserved

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Map by © all rights reserved

Includes area covered by Naumann's Thrush



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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Turdus eunomus Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Turdidae Family
24cm Length
Breeds boreal forest, tundra, shrubland. Winters tropical forest & shrubland. Between 900 & 3,000m. Range:-  Breeds :- Russia:- Northern Siberia, Kamchatka. Winters  Southeast Asia :- China, Japan & Myanmar.

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3 - 5 eggs, incubation  days, fledging  days Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, worms, seeds, fruit and berries. Food  
6367 - TSN: 179756 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

AKA:- Arabic: سمنة الغروب, سمنة الغروب نبار
Catalan: Tord de Naumann, Tord golanegre
Valencian: Tord golanegre
Czech: Drozd rezavý
Welsh: Bronfraith dywyll, Brych twywll, Brych tywyll
Danish: Brundrossel, naumanni Naumanns-/Brundrossel, Rustdrossel
German: Braunflügeldrossel, Naumanndrossel, Naumann-Drossel, Naumannsdrossel, Rostflügeldrossel, Rotschwanzdrossel
English: Brown Thrush, Dusky Thrush, Naumann's Thrush,
Spanish: Zorzal de Naumann, Zorzal eunomo
Finnish: Ruosterastas, ruostesiipirastas
Faroese: Mortrřstur
French: Grive ŕ ailes bruns, Grive ŕ ailes rousses, Grive de Naumann
Frisian: Reade Lyster, Taigalyster
Irish: Smólach breacdhorcha
Hebrew: קיכלי חום כנף, קכלי חום־כנף, קכלי חום-כנף
Hungarian: Naumann-rigó
Icelandic: Brúnţröstur, Rođaţröstur
Italian: Cesena fosca
Japanese: hachiju tsugumi, shinai, tsugumi
Japanese: シナイ, ツグミ, ハチジュウツグミ
Kazakh: Сарғышқызыл сайрақ
Korean: 개똥지빠귀, 노랑지빠귀, 지빠귀
Latin: Turdus eunomus, Turdus naumanni, Turdus naumanni eunomus
Limburgish: Doesterboorsliester
Latvian: Brūnais mežastrazds, Rudais mežastrazds
Mongolian: Бурад хөөндэй, Науманны хөөндэй
Dutch: Bruine Lijster, Naumann-lijster, Naumanns Lijster, Naumann's Lijster
Norwegian: Bruntrost, Rusttrost, Steppebruntrost, Svartflekktrost
Polish: Drozd Naumanna, drozd rdzawoskrzydly, drozd rdzawoskrzydły, Drozd rdzawy
Portuguese: Tordo de Naumann
Russian: Бурый дрозд, Дрозд бурый, Дрозд Наумана , Дрозд Науманна, Малый дрозд, Рыжий дрозд, Темный дрозд
Slovak: drozd hrdzavý , drozd sibírsky
Slovenian: Rdečeperuti dorzg
Swedish: Bruntrast, Rosttrast
Thai: นกเดินดงอกลาย, นกเดินดงอกลายแดง
Turkish: Karaca Ardıç, Karaca/Kızılca Ardıç, kızıl kanatlı ardıç, Kızılca Ardıç
Tuvinian: Науманның бааржыы, Хүрең бааржык
Ukrainian: Дрізд Наумана , Дрізд Науманна
Vietnamese: Hoét lưng hung
Chinese: [ban-dian dong], [ban-dong], 斑 鸫, 斑鶇, 斑鸫, 斑鸫北方亚种, 斑點鶇
Chinese (Taiwan): [ban-dian dong], 斑點鶇

Sub-species None know



Video by Mark Andrews © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

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