Carib Grackle

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Carib Grackle

view photos Photo March 21, 2006 by mountainpath2001 © all rights reserved

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Carib Grackle


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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Quiscalus lugubris Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Icteridae Family
♂ 27 cm ♀ 23 cm Length
Tropical rainforest swamp-forest Forest. montane Shrubland, plantations urban areas, gardens. Below Between   Range:- Lesser Antilles:- Leeward Islands, Netherlands Antilles, Windward Islands,  Northern South America east of the Andes, Colombia, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, Venezuela and northeastern Brazil. Habitat
2-4 whitish eggs, incubation 11-13 days, fledging 13-15 days. Clutch
Insects, larvae, spiders, nectare, seeds and berries. Food  
9693 - TSN: 562671 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

Carib Grackle Antonio Silveira Aruba,Netherlands Antilles Netherlands male, song XC144927

AKA:- zech: Vlhovec karibský
Danish: Karibergrackel
German: Trauergrackel, Trauer-Grackel
English: Carib Grackle, Carib Grakle, Lesser Antillean Grackle
Spanish: Tordo Llanero, Tordo negro, Zanate Caribeño
Spanish (Colombia): Tordo Llanero
Spanish (Venezuela): Tordito, Tordo negro
Finnish: Pihaturpiaali
French: Quiscale lugubre, Quiscale merle
Guadeloupean Creole French: Bilbitin, Crédit, Merle
Hungarian: karibi csónakfarkú
Italian: Gracchio dei Caraibi, Gracula caraibica
Japanese: kokuromukudorimodoki
Japanese: コクロムクドリモドキ
Latin: Quiscalus lugubris
Dutch: Caribische Troepiaal
Norwegian: Sørgetrupial
Polish: wilgowron zalobny, wilgowron żałobny
Portuguese: iraúna-do-Caribe, Irauna-do-norte, iraúna-do-norte
Portuguese (Brazil): iraúna-do-Caribe, Iraúna-do-norte
Russian: Траурный вороний дрозд
Slovak: vlhovec karibský
Swedish: Karibbåtstjärt
Chinese: 辉拟八哥


Quiscalus lugubris
Quiscalus lugubris contusus
Quiscalus lugubris fortirostris
Quiscalus lugubris guadeloupensis
Quiscalus lugubris inflexirostris
Quiscalus lugubris insularis
Quiscalus lugubris lugubris
Quiscalus lugubris luminosus
Quiscalus lugubris orquillensis

  • Quiscalus lugubris lugubris: NE Colombia to n Venezuela, the Guianas and ne Brazil; Trinidad
  • Quiscalus lugubris guadeloupensis: Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Marie Galante, Dominica and Martinique
  • Quiscalus lugubris inflexirostris: St. Lucia (Lesser Antilles)
  • Quiscalus lugubris contrusus: St. Vincent (Lesser Antilles)
  • Quiscalus lugubris luminosus: Lesser Antilles (Grenada, the Grenadines and Islas Los Testigos)
  • Quiscalus lugubris fortirostris: Barbados; introduced Barbuda and Antigua
  • Quiscalus lugubris orquillensis: Islas Los Hermanos (off Venezuela)
  • Quiscalus lugubris insularis: Isla Margarita and Islas Los Frailes (off Venezuela)

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