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Brown-headed Gull

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Laridae Family
40 - 45 cm. (Wingspan 100-105 cm) Length
Breeds in colonies in reedbeds or marshes, or on islands in lakes,  Range follow link Habitat
 3 eggs, incubation 24 days, fledging  days. Clutch
Fish, squid, molluscs, carrion, Food  
3216 - TSN: 176846 World Number
Least concern Status

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AKA:- Czech: Racek hnedohlavý, racek hnědohlavý
Danish: Brunhovedet Måge
German: Braunkopflachmöwe, Braunkopfmöwe, Tibetlachmöwe, Tibet-Lachmöwe
English: Brown-headed Gull, Brwon-headed Gull, n Black-headed Gull
Spanish: Gaviota Centroaciática, Gaviota Centroasiática, Gaviota Hindú
Estonian: mägikajakas
Finnish: tiibetinlokki, Vuorilokki
French: Goéland du Tibet, Mouette à tête brune, Mouette du Tibet
Hebrew: שחף חום ראש, שחף חום־ראש, שחף חום-ראש
Indonesian: Camar Kepala-coklat
Icelandic: Mýramáfur
Italian: Gabbiano testabruna
Japanese: chagashirakamome
Japanese: チャガシラカモメ
Latin: Chroicocephala brunnicephalus, Chroicocephalus brunnicephalus, Larus brunnicephalus
Lithuanian: Tibetinis kiras
Malay: Camar Topeng Coklat
Dutch: Bruinkopmeeuw
Norwegian: Asiahettemåke
Polish: mewa tybetanska, mewa tybetańska
Russian: Буроголовая чайка, Чайка буроголовая
Slovak: cajka hnedohlavá, Čajka hnedohlavá
Slovenian: rjavoglavi galeb
Swedish: Brunhuvad mås
Thai: นกนางนวลธรรมดา
Turkish: Hint Martısı
Vietnamese: Mòng bể đầu nâu
Chinese: 棕头鸥, 棕頭鷗, 细嘴鸥

Range:- Breeds:- China:-  Tibet  Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan.

Non-breeding:- Afghanistan





 Beidaihe District



 Guangxi Zhuang



 Hong Kong

 Ningxia Hui


 Xinjiang Uighur

 Xishuangbanna Prefecture



 Arid northwest

 Central highlands

 Eastern Himalayas

 Gangetic plain



 Uttar Pradesh

 Western Himalayas

Indonesia Rare/Accidental

 Greater Sundas Rare/Accidental

 Sumatrai Rare/Accidental

Iran Rare/Accidental


Israel Rare/Accidental





Oman Rare/Accidental


Saudi Arabia


Sri Lanka

Taiwan Rare/Accidental

United Arab Emirates Rare/Accidental



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