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Brown Booby

view photos May 3,06 Photo by mountainpath2001 © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved


Video by Keith Murdock © all rights reserved


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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Sula leucogaster Scientific name
Pelicaniformes Order
Sulidae Family
64-74cm. (Wingspan cm) Length
Rocky offshore islands, cliffs, coastal waters, open ocean. Habitat
 eggs, incubation  days, fledging  days. Clutch
Fish, squid. Food  
3642 - TSN: 174704 - Sub-species World Number

If you have sound recording of the Sulidae please send it to xeno-canto. 

AKA:- Afrikaans: Bruinmalgas
Catalan: Mascarell bru
Czech: Terej žlutonohý
Danish: Brun Sule
German: Brauntölpel, Weißbauchtölpel
Maldivian: Kalhu Maadhooni
English: Booby, Booby Gannet, Brewster's Booby, Brown Booby, White-bellied Booby
Spanish: Alcatraz Pardo, Boba Parda, Boba Prieta, Bobo Café, Bobo Vientre-blanco, Bubí, Bubí Pardo, Pájaro Bobo Prieto, Piqueero moreno, Piquero café, Piquero de patas rojas, Piquero Moreno, Piquero Pardo, Piquero Patirrojo
Spanish (Argentine): Piquero pardo
Spanish (Chile): Piquero café, Piquero de patas rojas
Spanish (Colombia): Piquero Pardo, Piquero Patirrojo
Spanish (Costa Rica): Piqueero moreno, Piquero Moreno
Spanish (Cuba): Pájaro Bobo Prieto
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Bubí, Bubí Pardo
Spanish (Honduras): Bobo café
Spanish (Mexico): bobo café, Bobo Vientre-blanco
Spanish (Nicaragua): Piquero Pardo, Piquero Patirrojo
Spanish (Uruguay): Piquero pardo
Spanish (Venezuela): Boba Marrón
Estonian: pruunsuula
Basque: Mascarell bru
Finnish: Ruskosuula
French: Fou ŕ ventre blanc, Fou brun
Galician: Mascarell bru, Mascato pardo
Haitian Creole French: Gwo fou gri
Hebrew: סולה לבנת בטן, סולה לבנת־בטן, סולה ל-בנת־בטן, סולה לבנת-בטן
Indonesian: Angsabatu Coklat, Angsabatu Kakimerah, Gangsa batu coklat
Icelandic: Brúnsúla
Italian: Sula fosca
Japanese: katsuodori
Japanese: カツオドリ
Korean: 갈색얼가니새
Latin: Sula leucogaster, Sula leucogastra, Sula sula
Lithuanian: arba rudasis smigikas, Baltapilvis padūkėlis, Tamsusis padūkėlis
Malagasy: Ngovo
Malay: Dendang Laut
Dutch: Bruine Gent, Roodpootgent
Norwegian: Brunsule, Rřdfotsule
Polish: gluptak bialobrzuchy, głuptak białobrzuchy
Portuguese: Alcatraz, Alcatraz-pardo, atobá, Atobá-pardo, carará, freira, mambembo, mergulhăo, mumbebo, piloto, piloto-pardo
Portuguese (Brazil): alcatraz, Atobá, Atobá-pardo, carará, freira, mambembo, mergulhăo, mumbebo, piloto, piloto-pardo
Russian: Бурая олуша, Красноногая олуша, Олуша бурая
Slovak: sula cervenonohá, sula červenonohá, sula hnedá
Slovenian: rjavi strmoglavec
Swedish: Brun sula, Rödfotad sula
Thai: นกบุ๊บบี้สีน้ำตาล, นกบู๊บบี้ตีนแดง, นกบู๊บบี้สีน้ำตาล
Turkish: Kara Sümsük
Vietnamese: Chim đięn bụng trắng, Chim đięn chân đỏ
Chinese: 白腹鰹鳥, 红脚鲣鸟, 褐鰹鳥, 褐鲣鸟


Sula leucogaster
Sula leucogaster [leucogaster]
Sula leucogaster brewsteri
Sula leucogaster brewsteri
Sula leucogaster etesiaca
Sula leucogaster leucogaster
Sula leucogaster nesiotes
Sula leucogaster plotus

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