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Bristle-thighed Curlew

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Bristle-thighed Curlews are relatively common winter visitors to these shores (Pete Morris)

Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Numenius tahitiensis Scientific name
Charadriiformes Order
Scolopacidae Family
40-44 cm (Wingspan 82 - 88 cm  ) Length
Summer Dwarf shrub tundra. Winters marine intertidal, beeches, sand bars, mud flats & wetlands, marshes, bogs, lakes, pools, shrubland, heath. Below 350 m. Range follow link Habitat
greenish eggs with brown spots, laid in a hollow lined with moss. Incubation 25 days by both parents. Clutch
Flowers and berries, arthropods, molluscs, crabs, they use rocks to break open bird's eggs, Food  
The only tool using shorebird. See food. Habits
 2995 - TSN: 176604 - World Number
Vulnerable Status

Photo by Pete Morris © all rights reserved (Birdquest)

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Bristle-thighed Curlew Cody Porter Allen Creek United States Song and whining call XC82730

Video by  © all rights reserved

view photos Photo by north2AK  © all rights reserved

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AKA:- Czech: Koliha aljašská
Danish: Alaskaspove
German: Borstenbrachvogel
English: Bristle Thighed Curlew, Bristle-thighed Curlew, Otahiti Curlew
Spanish: Zarapito del Pacifico, Zarapito del Pacífico, Zarapito polinésico
Spanish (Chile): Zarapito polinésico
Estonian: alaska koovitaja
Finnish: Alaskankuovi
French: Courlis d'Alaska, Courlis de Tahiti
an: Kioea
Indonesian: Gajahan Tahiti
Italian: Chiurlo di Tahiti, Chiurlo setoloso
Japanese: Harimomo-chushaku-shigi, harimomochuushakushigi, Harimomo-chuushaku-shigi
Japanese: ハリモモチュウシャクシギ
Latin: Numenius tahitiensis, Phaeopus tahitiensis
Dutch: Zuidzeewulp, Zuidzee-wulp
Norwegian: Alaskaspove
Polish: kulik alaskanski, kulik alaskański
Russian: Таитянский кроншнеп
Slovak: hvizdák aljašský
Swedish: Alaskaspov
Chinese: 太平洋杓鹬


American Samoa

Canada Rare/Accidental

 British Columbia Rare/Accidental


Cook Islands

French Polynesia

Japan Rare/Accidental




 Makira-Ulawa Province

 Malaita Province

 Reef Group

 Solomon Islands

 Solomons archipelago

 Temotu Province





 Marshall Islands

 Midway Island


 Northern Marianas

 Palau Rare/Accidental

 Pohnpei Rare/Accidental

 Saipan, Tinian and Agiguan Rare/Accidental

 Wake Island

 Chuuk Rare/Accidental

New Zealand Rare/Accidental

 Kermadec Island Rare/Accidental

Niue Rare/Accidental

Philippines Rare/Accidental

Pitcairn Islands



Society Islands



Tuamotu Islands


USA Breeding endemic

 Alaska Breeding endemic

 California Rare/Accidental


  Big Island Rare/Accidental


  Kauai Rare/Accidental

  Leeward Islands


  Oahu Rare/Accidental

 Oregon Rare/Accidental

 Washington Rare/Accidental

Wallis and Futuna


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