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Blue-eared Kingfisher

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Alcedo meninting Scientific name
Coraciiformes Order
Alcedinidae Family
16cm Length
Wetlands, fresh & brackish, running and still water, permanent and seasonal, often at forest edge or plantation. Below 1,000m in: Range follow link Habitat
Fish & other small aquatic creatures. Food  
1066 - TSN: 554552 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

view photos Febuary 18th 2007 Photo by LPJC © all rights reserved          

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Blue-eared Kingfisher Call
(Alcedo meninting verreauxii)
Tjalle Boorsma XC33438 03-2007, Indonesia

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AKA:- Czech: ledňáček modrohřbetý, Lednácek tmavomodrý
Danish: Blĺřret Isfugl
German: Menintingeisvogel, Meninting-Eisvogel
English: Blue eared Kingfisher, Blue-cheeked Kingfisher, Blue-eared Kingfisher, Deep-blue Kingfisher, Malaysian Kingfisher
Spanish: Martín Pescador de Orejas Azules, Martín Pescador Meninting
Estonian: türkiis-jäälind
Finnish: Sinikorvakalastaja
French: Martin-pęcheur meninting, Martin-pęcheur méninting
Indonesian: Menintin, Raja udang belau, Raja udang meninting, Rajaudang Meninting, Raja-udang meninting
Italian: Martin pescatore guanceblu, Martin pescatore orecchie blu
Japanese: rurikawasemi
Japanese: ルリカワセミ
Latin: Alcedo meninting
Malay: Binti-Binti, Pekaka
Dutch: Meningtingijsvogel, Meningting-ijsvogel
Norwegian: Lakmusisfugl
Polish: zimorodek granatowy
Russian: Синеухий зимородок
Slovak: rybárik lesný, rybárik meninting
Swedish: Menintingkungsfiskare
Thai: นกกะเต็นน้อยหลังสีน้ำเงิน
Chinese: 蓝耳翠鸟

Range:- Bangladesh, Brunei, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, (India:- Andaman & Nicobar) (Indonesia:- Bali, Bangka, Island of Borneo, Java, Lesser Sunda, Lombok, Mentawai Archipelago, Nias, Riau Islands, Sulawesi, Sumatra, Sumba) Laos, Myanmar, Nepal, Malaysia, (Philippines:- Palawan) Singapore, Sri Lanka, Sumbawa, Thailand, Vietnam.


Alcedo meninting
Alcedo meninting amadoni
Alcedo meninting callima
Alcedo meninting coltarti
Alcedo meninting laubmanni
Alcedo meninting meninting
Alcedo meninting phillipsi
Alcedo meninting proxima
Alcedo meninting rufigaster
Alcedo meninting rufigastra
Alcedo meninting scintillans
Alcedo meninting subviridis
Alcedo meninting verreauxi
Alcedo meninting verreauxii


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