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Blue-breasted Quail

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Blue Quail    King Quail Alternate name
Coturnix  chinensis      Coturnix adansonii   Lumped Scientific name
Galliformes Order
Phasianidae Family
Grassland & sedges. Found in South East Asia & Austrailasia. Habitat-Altitude-Range
5 to 13 eggs, incubation 19 days. Clutch
Grain, plant matter, insects. Food  
199 - TSN: 176009 World Number
Least concern Status


Blue-breasted Quail Colin Trainor Foema, Fuiloro plateau, Lautem East Timor notes XC36702  

view photos photo February 12, 2007 by aviceda © all rights reserved
Afrikaans: Bloukwartel
Cebuano: pitpitaw
Czech: Krepelka cínská, křepelka čínská
Danish: Kinesisk Dvćrgvagtel
German: Adanson-Wachtel, Asiatische Zwegwachtel, Asiatische Zwergwachtel, Chinesische Zwergwachtel, Zwergwachtel
English: Asian Blue Quail, Blue breasted Quail, Blue Quail, Blue-breasted Quail, Blue-breasted Quail King Quail, Chestnut-bellied quail, Chinese painted quail, Chinese Quail, Indian Blue Quail, King Quail, Painted Quail, Pygmy Quail
Spanish: Codorniz Azul China, Codorniz China
Estonian: ida-sinivutt
Finnish: idänsiniviiriäinen, Siniviiriäinen
French: Caille bleue, Caille de Chine, Caille naine, Caille peinte, Caille peinte de Chine
Irish: Gearg Shíneach
Indonesian: Puyuh Batu, Sonta kasamba-kasamba, Sontasamba-samba
Italian: Quaglia della Cina, Quaglia nana, Quaglia pettoblu
Japanese: himeuzura
Japanese: ヒメウズラ, ヒメウヅラ
Latin: Coturnix chinensis, Excalfactoria chinensis
Malay: Pikau
Dutch: Chinese Dwergkwartel
Norwegian: Asiablĺvaktel, Dvergvaktel, Kinesisk dvergvaktel
Polish: przepiórka chinska, Przepiórka chińska
Russian: Расписной Голубой Перепел, Расписной перепел
Slovak: prepelica cínska
Swedish: Kinesisk dvärgvaktel
Thai: นกคุ่มสี
Vietnamese: Cay trung quốc
Chinese: 小鵪鶉, 蓝胸鹑
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