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Black-naped Monarch

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Hypothymis azurea Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Monarchidae Family
15 - 17 cm Length
Tropical lowland moist, swamp &  dry forest, degraded former forest, often near water, Range:- Bhutan, Island of Borneo, Brunei, Bhutan, Cambodia, China, , Hong Kong, IndiaIndonesia, Laos, MalaysiaMyanmarNepalPakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, ThailandVietnam  

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2(3) eggs, incubation by both parents 13 - 16 days, fledging  15—18 days. Clutch
Arthropods, larvae, often take flying insects. Food  
Often feed in mixed flocks. Habits
6026 - TSN: 560552 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

AKA:- Czech: lejskovec azurový
Danish: Azurfluesnapper, Azurmonark
German: Filippinen Schwarzgenick-Schnäpper, Schwarzgenickschnäpper
English: Black-naped Monarch, Philippin black-naped blue monarch
Spanish: Monarca Azul de Nuca Negra
Finnish: Sinimonarkki
French: Tchitrec azuré
Hungarian: lazúrkék császárlégykapó
Indonesian: Kehicap ranting
Italian: Monarca azzurra nucanera, Monarca azzurra nucanera delle Filippine
Japanese: kuroerihitaki
Japanese: クロエリヒタキ
Latin: Hypothymis azurea, Hypothymis azurea azurea
Malayalam: വെണ്‍നീലി പാറ്റപിടിയന്‍
Malay: Kelicap Ranting
Dutch: Zwartnekmonarch
Norwegian: Svartnakkemonark
Polish: monarszyk hiacyntowy, Monarszyk lazurowy
Portuguese: Monarca-azul
Russian: Черноголовый монарх
Slovak: Monarch azúrový, vípkár azúrový
Swedish: Azurmonark
Tamil: Karumpidari Neela Eeppidippan
Thai: นกจับแมลงจุกดำ
Chinese: 黑枕王鶲, 黑枕王鹟, 黑枕藍鶲

Hypothymis azurea
Hypothymis azurea abbotti
Hypothymis azurea aeria
Hypothymis azurea azurea
Hypothymis azurea blasii
Hypothymis azurea catarmanensis
Hypothymis azurea ceylonensis
Hypothymis azurea consobrina
Hypothymis azurea forrestia
Hypothymis azurea galerita
Hypothymis azurea gigantoptera
Hypothymis azurea idiochroa
Hypothymis azurea javana
Hypothymis azurea karimatensis
Hypothymis azurea leucophila
Hypothymis azurea montana
Hypothymis azurea nicobarica
Hypothymis azurea oberholseri
Hypothymis azurea opisthocyanea

  • Hypothymis azurea azurea: Philippine Islands
  • Hypothymis azurea oberholseri: Taiwan
  • Hypothymis azurea forrestia: Mergui Archipelago (S Myanmar)
  • Hypothymis azurea montana: N and central Thailand
  • Hypothymis azurea galerita: Peninsular Thailand
  • Hypothymis azurea prophata: S Thailand, Malaysia, Sumatra and Borneo
  • Hypothymis azurea idiochroa: Car Nicobar I.
  • Hypothymis azurea nicobarica: Nicobar Islands
  • Hypothymis azurea opisthocyanea: Anambas Islands (South China Sea)
  • Hypothymis azurea karimatensis: Karimata I. (off W Borneo)
  • Hypothymis azurea gigantoptera: Natunas Islands (South China Sea)
  • Hypothymis azurea aeria: Maratua Islands (off Borneo)
  • Hypothymis azurea consobrina: Simeulue I. (off Sumatra)
  • Hypothymis azurea leucophila: Mentawi Archipelago (off Sumatra)
  • Hypothymis azurea richmondi: Enggano I. (Sumatra)
  • Hypothymis azurea abbotti: Babi and Masia islands (Malaysia)
  • Hypothymis azurea symmixta: Lesser Sundas
  • Hypothymis azurea javana: Java and Bali
  • Hypothymis azurea penidae: Penida I. (Lesser Sundas)
  • Hypothymis azurea ceylonensis: Sri Lanka
  • Hypothymis azurea styani: India and Nepal to S China and Indochina; Hainan
  • Hypothymis azurea tytleri: Andaman Islands and Cocos Islands (Bay of Bengal)
  • Hypothymis azurea catarmanensis: S Philippines (Camiguin Sur)

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Photos by Ch'ien C Lee © all rights reserved Wild Borneo

Black-naped Monarch

Photo by Lean Yen Loong © all rights reserved

Black-naped Monarch

wpe176.jpg (2280 bytes)Photo by Leif Gabrielsen © all rights reserved

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Photo by Mehd Halaouate © all rights reserved

Black-naped Monarch

view photos Uploaded on January 30, 2007
by Valkyrie6425 © all rights reserved

Taken in Puerto Princesa, Western Visayas (map)


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