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Barnacle Goose

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Barnacle Goose by ucumari. Alternate name
Branta leucopsis Scientific name 
Anseriformes Order
Anatidae Family   
58-70cm               Length
Coastline, tundra, grassland. Habitat
4-5 Clutch   Eggs
Vegetation, grasses Food   Diet
382 World No

Least Concern                          


view photos Photo by ucumari all rights reserved March 13, 2007

Video by IlmatsaluStaar all rights reserved

wpe74C.jpg (3330 bytes)

 Embedded file Barnacle Goose Calls
(Branta leucopsis)
Patrik ?erg XC27166
09-10-2008, Sweden

Barnacle Goose Alarmcall
(Branta leucopsis)
Patrik ?erg XC27167
17-07-2007, Sweden

 Barnacle Goose calls
(Branta leucopsis)
Willem-Pier Vellinga XC27707
30-12-2008, Netherlands

Barnacle Goose calls
(Branta leucopsis)
Willem-Pier Vellinga XC27706
2-1-2009, Netherlands

Presumably melanistic Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis) at Haeska, Matsalu NR Estonia

Barnacle Geese by Dennis@Stromness.

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds all rights reserved

view photos Photo by October 15, 2007 by Dennis@Stromness  all rights reserved
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