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Arabian Bustard

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  Great Arabian bustard Alternate name
Ardeotis arabs Scientific name
Gruiiformes Order
Otididae Family
70-90 cm Length
Tropical dry:- forest, savanna & shrubland. Found in:- Algeria, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Côte d'IvoireDjibouti, EritreaEthiopia, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Iraq, Kenya, MaliMauritania, Morocco, NigerNigeria, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen. Habitat-Altitude-Range
Incubation by female. Clutch
Arthropods, larvae. Food  
2752 - TSN: 176427 World Number
Least Concern Status

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Czech: Drop arabskę
Danish: Arabisk Trappe, Saheltrappe
German: Araber Trappe, Arabertrappe
English: Arabian Bustard, Arabian Paauw, Great Arabian bustard, Great-Arabian Bustard, Sudan Bustard, Sudan Paauw
Spanish: Avutarda Arabe, Avutarda Árabe
Estonian: saheli trapp
Finnish: Aavikkotrappi
French: Grande Outarde arabe, Outarde arabe
Hebrew: חובה ערבית
Icelandic: Gresjudođra
Italian: Otarda araba, Otarda d'Arabia
Japanese: arabiaoonogan, seakaafurikaoonogan
Japanese: アラビアオオノガン, セアカアフリカオオノガン
Latin: Ardeotis araba, Ardeotis arabs, Choriotis arabs
Lithuanian: Arabinis einis
Dutch: Arabische Trap
Norwegian: Arabertrappe
Polish: drop arabski
Russian: Арабийская большая дрофа
Slovak: drop arabskę
Slovenian: arabska droplja
Swedish: Arabtrapp
Swahili: Tandawala Arabu
Turkish: Arap Toyu
Chinese: 阿拉伯鸨

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