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Antarctic Giant-Petrel

Photo by Cláudio Dias Timm October 25, 2011 © all rights reserved

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds © all rights reserved

Video by Juan Tassara © all rights reserved

Photo's by Arthur Grosset © all rights reserved

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Photo by Helmut Mueller © all rights reserved

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Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Macronectes giganteus Scientific name
Procellariiformes Order
Procellariidae Family
 86-99 cm. (Wingspan 180–210 cm ) Length
Rocky offshore islands, cliffs, sand dunes, coastal waters, open ocean. Breeds:- Antarctica Continent (Terre Adélie) Antarctic Peninsula, Crozet, Diego Ramirez, Staten Island, Falkland Islands, Gough Island, Heard Island & MacDonald Island, Kerguelen, Macquarie Islands, Patagonia, islands off Chubut, Argentina), Prince Edward Islands, South America (Isla Noir, South Georgia Island, South Orkney Islands, South Sandwich Isl, South Shetland Isl, Tristan da Cunha Islands Habitat
 1 egg, incubation 55–66 days, fledging 104–132 days. Clutch
Fish, squid and offal Food  
3850 - TSN: 174594  - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

AKA:- Afrikaans: Reuse Nellie, Reusenellie
Czech: Burnák obrovský, buřňák obrovský
Danish: Sydlig Kæmpestormfugl
German: Riesensturmvogel, Südliche Riesensturmvogel, Süd-Riesensturmvogel
English: Antarctic Giant Fulmar, Antarctic Giant Petrel, Antarctic Giant-Petrel, Giant Fulmar, Giant Petrel, Nellie, Southern giand petrel, Southern Giant Petrel, Southern Giant-Petrel, Stinker
Spanish: Abanto-marino Antártico, Petrel gigante antártico, Petrel gigante común
Spanish (Argentine): Petrel gigante común
Spanish (Chile): Petrel gigante antártico
Spanish (Uruguay): Petrel Gigante Común
Estonian: hiid-tormilind
Finnish: Isomyrskyliitäjä
French: Fulmar antarctique, Fulmar de Hall, Fulmar géant, Pétrel géant, Pétrel géant antarctique
Icelandic: Risafýlingur
Italian: Ossifraga, Ossifraga del sud
Japanese: oofurumakamome
Japanese: オオフルマカモメ
Latin: Macronectes giganteus
Lithuanian: Didysis audrapaukétis, Didysis audrapaukštis
Malagasy: Vorompamono
Maori: Pangurunguru
Dutch: Reuzenstormvogel, Zuidelijke Reuzenstormvogel
Norwegian: Sørkjempepetrell
Polish: petrel olbrzymi, petrelec olbrzymi
Portuguese: Pardelão-antárctico, pardelão-gigante, Petrel-gigante
Portuguese (Brazil): pardelão-gigante, Petrel-gigante
Russian: Южный гигантский буревестник
Slovak: Fulmar menlivý, Fulmar vel'ký, fulmar veľký, plavec velký , plavec veľký
Slovenian: južni veleviharnik
Swedish: Jättestormfågel, Sydlig jättestormfågel
Swahili: Kwazi Baharini
Turkish: güney dev fırtına kuşu, güney dev fırtınakuşu
Chinese: 巨鹱
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