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American Kestrel

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falspa2869.jpg (21936 bytes) Also known as Follow link Alternate name
Falco sparverius Scientific name
Falconiformes Order
Falconidae Family
19–21 cm (Wingspan 50–61 cm ) Length
Found in most habitats, from desert to forest, including agricultural and urban areas.Range follow link Habitat
3 - 7 Eggs, incubation 28 to 32 days, fledging  days. Clutch
Small birds,mammals, reptiles, insects,. Food  
3579 - TSN: 175622 - Sub-species World Number
Least Concern Status

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American Kestrel Ssp: caucae ?  Bernabe Lopez-Lanus Finca La Carbonera (canon del rio Toche Tolima Colombia XC534

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AKA:- Bulgarian: Американска ветрушка
Creoles and Pidgins, French-based (Other): gli-gli
Czech: Poštolka pestrá, poštolka vrabčí
Welsh: Cudyll coch America
Danish: Amerikansk Tårnfalk
German: Buntfalke, Sperlingsfalke
Delaware: Sënihële
English: American Kestrel, American Sparrow Hawk, American Sparrow-Hawk, Dixie Kestrel, Killy Hawk, Mouse Hawk, Rusty-crowned falcon, Sparrow Hawk
Spanish: Cernícalo, cernícalo american, Cernícalo Americano, Cernícalo de Juan Fernández, Cernícalo primito, Cerniícal Americano, Cuyaya, Falcón Común, Halcón Común, Halconcito, Halconcito colorado, Halconcito Común, Lis lis, Salnícalo
Spanish (Argentine): Halconcito colorado
Spanish (Bolivia): Halconcito colorado
Spanish (Chile): Cernícalo
Spanish (Colombia): Cernícalo Americano
Spanish (Costa Rica): Cernícalo Americano
Spanish (Cuba): Cernícalo
Spanish (Dominican Rep.): Cernícalo, Cuyaya, Salnícalo
Spanish (Honduras): Lis lis
Spanish (Mexico): Cernícalo Americano
Spanish (Nicaragua): Cernícalo Americano
Spanish (Paraguay): Halconcito
Spanish (Uruguay): Halconcito Común
Spanish (Venezuela): Halcón Primito
Estonian: ameerika tuuletallaja
Finnish: Amerikantuulihaukka
Faroese: Skartsmyril
French: Crécerelle américaine, Crécerelle d'Amérique, Crécerelle des moineaux, Faucon des moineaux
Guadeloupean Creole French: Gligli, Grigri
Guarani: Kiri kiri'i
Haitian Creole French: Grigri Fran
Hebrew: בז אמריקאי
Icelandic: Skrúðfálki
Italian: Gheppio americano
Japanese: amerikachougembou, amerikachougenbou
Japanese: アメリカチョウゲンボウ
Latin: Cerchneis sparveria, Falco sparvarius, Falco sparverius
Lithuanian: Amerikinis pelėsakalis
Maltese: Spanjulett Amerikan
Dutch: Amerikaanse Torenvalk
Norwegian: Spurvefalk
Ojibwa: ᐱᐱᑷᐃᓭᓯ
Polish: pustulka amerykanska, pustułka amerykańska
Portuguese: falcão-quiriquiri, Gavião-quiriquiri, gavião-quiri-quiri, gavião-rapina, gaviãozinho, Peneireiro-americano, Quiriquiri
Portuguese (Brazil): Falcão Quiriquiri, falcão-quiriquiri, gavião-quiri-quiri, gavião-rapina, gaviãozinho, Quiriquiri
Russian: Американская пустельга, Воробьиная пустельга, Пустельга американская, Пустельга воробьиная
Slovak: Sokol pestrý
Slovenian: ameriška postovka
Swedish: Amerikansk tornfalk, Sparvfalk
Turkish: ala kerkenez, Amerika Kerkenezı
Chinese: 美洲隼


American Kestrel range


Summer (breeding)

Winter (nonbreeding)


Falco sparverius
Falco sparverius [ochraceus or caucae]
Falco sparverius aequatorialis
Falco sparverius brevipennis
Falco sparverius caribaearum
Falco sparverius caucae
Falco sparverius cearae
Falco sparverius cinnamominus
Falco sparverius cinnamominus
Falco sparverius deserticolus
Falco sparverius dominicensis
Falco sparverius fernandensis
Falco sparverius guadalupensis
Falco sparverius guadalupensis
Falco sparverius isabellinus
Falco sparverius margaritensis
Falco sparverius nicaraguensis
Falco sparverius ochraceus
Falco sparverius [ochraceus or caucae]
Falco sparverius paulus

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