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African Bush-Warbler

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Little Rush Warbler Alternate name
Bradypterus baboecala Scientific name
Passeriformes. Order
Locustellidae Family
15 - 19cm Length
Swamps, marshes, reed beds. found in Angola, Botswana, Burundi, Cameroon, Chad, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, NigeriaRwanda, South Africa,  SudanSwaziland, Tanzania, Toga, Uganda, Zambia & Zimbabwe Habitat-Altitude-Range
2 - 4 eggs, dull white, creamy, blotched with pink & yellow. Incubation 12-14 days, fledging 12-13 days. Clutch
Insects Food  
Found near ground, usually solitary and difficult to see. Habits
7510 - TSN: 558922 World Number
Least concern Status

view photos Photos by Alan Manson  June 14, 2008 © all rights reserved

Little Rush-Warbler Louis A. Hansen Matumbo, Udzungwa Mts, Iringa Region Tanzania Song XC49836

African Bush-Warbler (Bradypterus baboecala) by Alan Manson.

Afrikaans: Kaapse Vleisange, Kaapse Vleisanger
Czech: Cetie rákosní
Danish: Rørsmutte
German: Sumpfbuschsänger, Sumpf-Buschsänger
English: African Buffalo Warbler, African Bush Warbler, African Bush-Warbler, African Sedge Warbler, African Sedge-Warbler, Africn Bush-Warbler, Cape Sedge Warbler, Little Buffalo Warbler, Little Rush Warbler, Little Rush-warbler, South African Bush-Warbler, Swamp-Warbler
Spanish: Zarzalero Charlatán
Finnish: Ruokometsäkerttunen
French: Bouscarle aquatique, Bouscarle caqueteuse, Bouscarle des marais, Fauvette aquatique
Italian: Forapaglie africano, Macchiaiolo africano
Japanese: afurikaougisekka, afurikasugeyoshikiri
Japanese: アフリカオウギセッカ, アフリカスゲヨシキリ
Latin: Bradypterus baboecala, Bradypterus baboecalus, Bradypterus bedfordi, Bradypterus bradypterus, Bradypterus msiri
Dutch: Moerasstruikzanger, Moeras-struikzanger
Norwegian: Bantusanger
Polish: krótkolotka bagienna
Portuguese: Felosa-dos-juncos-africana
Russian: Болотная пестрогрудка
Slovak: svrkavec bahenný
Swedish: Dvärgsmygsångare
Swahili: Shoro Mgongo-Kahawia
Xhosa: Unomakhwane
Chinese: 蒲草短翅莺
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