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"The rights and wrongs"

Years ago I vowed never to go to a zoo again after seeing the plight of a killer whale in a pool not big enough for it to turn round in.

It died days after I saw it.

So what's changed

"The rights"

Dudley Zoological Gardens


Some, maybe most, Zoos have changed. I visited Dudley Zoological Gardens where years ago I saw Cuddles the hapless killer Whale.

I found members of staff that clearly loved their charges. The young lady that looks after the Barbary sheep worried about them when on holiday, as you would a child or relative. She clearly cared deeply for her charges and looked for ways to make their days comfortable and interesting.

I found the cages to be clean and roomy and the animals in good condition.

The Zoo is also a place that harbours and encourages wildlife. Wild Badgers and bats live and breed in total freedom.

Badger by NatBat.

view photos Photo by  August 5, 2005 by NatBat (CC) some rights reserved.

Not taken at Zoo

Wild birds abound on my brief visit a saw plenty of species, warbles, finches, thrushes, robins and wrens.

Lesser Black-backed Gull by you.

A gull waiting to share the penguins dinner.

European Robin by you.

Barn_dance by you.

Moorhen choose to live with the wild fowl (Not taken at Zoo)

A Robin enjoying the woodland environment.

Song Thrush by you.

The Song Thrush enjoys a tit bit.


IMG_3721 by you. IMG_3400 by you.

Bats are encouraged in sub-terrainian passages.

Red Squirrel are breed and released back into the wild.

The Public

IMG_3602 by you.

A great place for the young of the species.

IMG_3548 by you.

A place where you can pretend to be one of the young of the species.

IMG_3561 by you.

Gregarious sub-species can enjoy tours.

wpeAC0.jpg (444441 bytes)

The gardens surround Dudley Castle which is an important part of the Zoological Gardens

The wrongs

I don't like to see creatures, specially large ones, in captivity but when most of us eat meat I have to admit these animals are well cared for.

I am totally against animals being taken from the wild but that doesn't happen anymore, unless to save a species.

Himalayan Black Bear by you.

This Himalayan Black Bear probably would not survive in the wild.

If you have a favourite Zoo and would like it covered in this section please get in touch.

If you know of a Zoo that doesn't meet the standards that it should please contact us it cannot be allowed.

Photo's by Keith Murdock unless otherwise stated.


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