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Netherland Antilles

Birding - Conservation Matters

Africa - America - The Caribbean and West Indies - Netherland Antilles - Europe - Asia - Austrailasia - Antarctica - Middle East 

Slideshow courtesy The Friends Of Worldbirds all rights reserved

Number of species: 131 Sint-Maarten
Date last reviewed: 2005-05-01
Wood Duck Aix sponsa Rare/Accidental
American Wigeon Anas americana Rare/Accidental
Blue-winged Teal Anas discors Sarcelle (?ailes bl.) Rare/Accidental
White-cheeked Pintail Anas bahamensis Canard T?e-blanche Rare/Accidental
Northern Pintail Anas acuta Rare/Accidental
Audubon's Shearwater Puffinus lherminieri Cahen
Wilson's Storm-Petrel Oceanites oceanicus Rare/Accidental
Pied-billed Grebe Podilymbus podiceps Plongeon Rare/Accidental
Caribbean Flamingo Phoenicopterus ruber Rare/Accidental
Roseate Spoonbill Ajaia ajaja Rare/Accidental
Black-crowned Night-Heron Nycticorax nycticorax Crabier bois Rare/Accidental
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Nyctanassa violacea Crabier Rare/Accidental
Green Heron Butorides virescens Kio
Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Kio blanc
Great Blue Heron Ardea herodias Crabier radar Rare/Accidental
Great Egret Ardea alba Grand crabier blanc Rare/Accidental
Reddish Egret Egretta rufescens Rare/Accidental
Tricolored Heron Egretta tricolor H?on tricolore Rare/Accidental
Little Blue Heron Egretta caerulea Petit h?on bleu Rare/Accidental
Snowy Egret Egretta thula Aigrette Rare/Accidental
Red-billed Tropicbird Phaethon aethereus cib?ou Rare/Accidental
White-tailed Tropicbird Phaethon lepturus Rare/Accidental
Magnificent Frigatebird Fregata magnificens Malfini Rare/Accidental
American White Pelican Pelecanus erythrorhynchos Rare/Accidental
Brown Pelican Pelecanus occidentalis Grand gosier
Masked Booby Sula dactylatra Rare/Accidental
Red-footed Booby Sula sula Rare/Accidental
Brown Booby Sula leucogaster Rare/Accidental
Double-crested Cormorant Phalacrocorax auritus Rare/Accidental
American Kestrel Falco sparverius Gligli Rare/Accidental
Merlin Falco columbarius Gligli Rare/Accidental
Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus Malfini
Osprey Pandion haliaetus Aiglon Rare/Accidental
Northern Harrier Circus cyaneus Rare/Accidental
Red-tailed Hawk Buteo jamaicensis Extirpated
Spotted Rail Porzana porzana Rare/Accidental
Sora Porzana carolina R?e Rare/Accidental
Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus Poule d'eau ?cachet rouge Rare/Accidental
American Coot Fulica americana Poule d'eau ?cachet blanc
Caribbean Coot Fulica caribaea Rare/Accidental Near-threatened
American Oystercatcher Haematopus palliatus Hu?rier Rare/Accidental
Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus
American Golden-Plover Pluvialis dominica Pluvier dor?/font> Rare/Accidental
Black-bellied plover Pluvialis squatarola Pluvier gris Rare/Accidental
Semipalmated Plover Charadrius semipalmatus Collier Rare/Accidental
Wilson's Plover Charadrius wilsonia Collier
Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Double collier Rare/Accidental
Snowy Plover Charadrius nivosus Rare/Accidental
Collared Plover Charadrius collaris Rare/Accidental
Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago Rare/Accidental
Short-billed Dowitcher Limnodromus griseus B?asseau Rare/Accidental
Hudsonian Godwit Limosa haemastica Rare/Accidental
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus Rare/Accidental
Upland Sandpiper Bartramia longicauda Poule vergenne Rare/Accidental
Greater Yellowlegs Tringa melanoleuca Clin Rare/Accidental
Lesser Yellowlegs Tringa flavipes Patte jaune Rare/Accidental
Solitary Sandpiper Tringa solitaria Aile noire Rare/Accidental
Spotted Sandpiper Actitis macularius Batmar Rare/Accidental
Willet Catoptrophorus semipalmatus Aile blanche Rare/Accidental
Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres Pluvier des Salines
Sanderling Calidris alba Gros Maringouin blanc Rare/Accidental
Semipalmated Sandpiper Calidris pusilla Alouette Rare/Accidental
Western Sandpiper Calidris mauri Rare/Accidental
Least Sandpiper Calidris minutilla Ricuit Rare/Accidental
White-rumped Sandpiper Calidris fuscicollis Rare/Accidental
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos Dos rouge Rare/Accidental
Stilt Sandpiper Calidris himantopus Chevalier Pied-vert Rare/Accidental
Ring-billed Gull Larus delawarensis Rare/Accidental
Great Black-backed Gull Larus marinus Rare/Accidental
Herring Gull Larus argentatus Rare/Accidental
Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus Rare/Accidental
Laughing Gull Leucophaeus atricilla Mauve ?t?e noire
Gull-billed Tern Sterna nilotica Rare/Accidental
Sandwich Tern Sterna sandvicensis Rare/Accidental
Royal Tern Thalasseus maximus Foquette
Roseate Tern Sterna dougallii Mauve blanche Rare/Accidental
Common Tern Sterna hirundo Petite mauve Rare/Accidental
Least Tern Sterna antillarum Petite mauve
Bridled Tern Sterna anaethetus Dongue Rare/Accidental
Sooty Tern Sterna fuscata Touaou Rare/Accidental
Brown Noddy Anous stolidus Moine
Pomarine Jaeger Stercorarius pomarinus Rare/Accidental
Rock Pigeon Columba livia
White-crowned Pigeon Columba leucocephala Ramier t?e-blanche Rare/Accidental Near-threatened
Scaly-naped Pigeon Columba squamosa Ramier Rare/Accidental
Eurasian Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto Tourterelle Rare/Accidental
Zenaida Dove Zenaida aurita Tourterelle
White-winged Dove Zenaida asiatica Rare/Accidental
Common Ground-Dove Columbina passerina Ortolan
Yellow-billed Cuckoo Coccyzus americanus Rare/Accidental
Mangrove Cuckoo Coccyzus minor Coucou manioc Rare/Accidental
Chuck-will's-widow Caprimulgus carolinensis Rare/Accidental
Purple-throated Carib Eulampis jugularis falle rouge
Green-throated Carib Eulampis holosericeus Falle vert
Antillean Crested Hummingbird Orthorhyncus cristatus Fou-fou
Belted Kingfisher Megaceryle alcyon Martin-p?heur Rare/Accidental
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker Sphyrapicus varius Rare/Accidental
Caribbean Elaenia Elaenia martinica Siffleur
Fork-tailed Flycatcher Tyrannus savana Rare/Accidental
Grey Kingbird Tyrannus dominicensis Pipirite
Black-whiskered Vireo Vireo altiloquus Piade Rare/Accidental
Caribbean Martin Progne dominicensis Hirondelle
Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica Hirondelle
Pearly-eyed Thrasher Margarops fuscatus Grive-corossol
Yellow-eyed Thrush Turdus nudigenis Grive ?lunettes Rare/Accidental
Northern Parula Parula americana Rare/Accidental
Yellow Warbler Dendroica petechia Didine
Blackpoll Warbler Dendroica striata Rare/Accidental
Magnolia Warbler Dendroica magnolia Rare/Accidental
Cape May Warbler Dendroica tigrina Rare/Accidental
Black-throated Blue Warbler Dendroica caerulescens Rare/Accidental
Black-throated Green Warbler Dendroica virens Rare/Accidental
Prairie Warbler Dendroica discolor Rare/Accidental
Black-and-white Warbler Mniotilta varia Madras Rare/Accidental
American Redstart Setophaga ruticilla Carte Rare/Accidental
Prothonotary Warbler Protonotaria citrea Rare/Accidental
Worm-eating Warbler Helmitheros vermivorum Rare/Accidental
Ovenbird Seiurus aurocapilla Rare/Accidental
Northern Waterthrush Seiurus noveboracensis Rare/Accidental
Louisiana Waterthrush Seiurus motacilla Rare/Accidental
Kentucky Warbler Oporornis formosus Rare/Accidental
Connecticut Warbler Oporornis agilis Rare/Accidental
Common Yellowthroat Geothlypis trichas Rare/Accidental
Hooded Warbler Wilsonia citrina Rare/Accidental
Carib Grackle Quiscalus lugubris Bilbitin Rare/Accidental
Bobolink Dolichonyx oryzivorus Rare/Accidental
Bananaquit Coereba flaveola Falle jaune
Black-faced Grassquit Tiaris bicolor Cici-z?
Lesser Antillean Bullfinch Loxigilla noctis Gros-bec
Genera Incertae Sedis
Scarlet Tanager Piranga olivacea Rare/Accidental
Indigo Bunting Passerina cyanea Rare/Accidental

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