Prince Edward Islands

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Prince Edward Island

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Marion Island
Bird checklist, Bird lists, Photos, video, sound recordings & data.
Number of species: 73
Number of globally threatened species: 5
Northern Pintail Anas acuta Stj?tand Rare/Accidental
King Penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus
Gentoo Penguin Pygoscelis papua Near-threatened
Rockhopper Penguin Eudyptes chrysocome
Macaroni Penguin Eudyptes chrysolophus Vulnerable
Royal Albatross Diomedea epomophora Sydlig Kungsalbatross Rare/Accidental
Wandering Albatross Diomedea exulans Vandringsalbatross
Sooty Albatross Phoebetria fusca Endangered
Light-mantled Albatross Phoebetria palpebrata Near-threatened
Yellow-nosed Albatross Thalassarche chlororhynchos Mindre albatross
Indian Yellow-nosed Albatross Thalassarche carteri    
Grey-headed Albatross Thalassarche chrysostoma Gr?uvad albatross Vulnerable
Black-browed Albatross Thalassarche melanophrys Svartbrynad albatross Rare/Accidental
Shy Albatross Thalassarche cauta Gr?indad albatross Rare/Accidental
Antarctic Giant-Petrel Macronectes giganteus Sydlig j?testormf?el Near-threatened
Hall's Giant-Petrel Macronectes halli Near-threatened
Southern Fulmar Fulmarus glacialoides
Antarctic Petrel Thalassoica antarctica
Cape Petrel Daption capense Brokpetrell
Blue Petrel Halobaena caerulea
Broad-billed Prion Pachyptila vittata
Salvin's Prion Pachyptila salvini
Antarctic Prion Pachyptila desolata
Fairy Prion Pachyptila turtur
Kerguelen Petrel Aphrodroma brevirostris
Great-winged Petrel Pterodroma macroptera
White-headed Petrel Pterodroma lessonii
Soft-plumaged Petrel Pterodroma mollis Sammetspetrell
Grey Petrel Procellaria cinerea Near-threatened
White-chinned Petrel Procellaria aequinoctialis
Cory's Shearwater Calonectris diomedea Guln?bad lira Rare/Accidental
Little Shearwater Puffinus assimilis Dv?glira
Sooty Shearwater Puffinus griseus Gr?ira Rare/Accidental Near-threatened
Wilson's Storm-Petrel Oceanites oceanicus Havsl?are
Grey-backed Storm-Petrel Garrodia nereis
Black-bellied Storm-Petrel Fregetta tropica Svartmagad stormsvala
South Georgia Diving-Petrel Pelecanoides georgicus
Common Diving-Petrel Pelecanoides urinatrix
European White Stork Ciconia ciconia Vit stork Rare/Accidental
Cattle Egret Bubulcus ibis Koh?er
Intermediate Egret Egretta intermedia Mellanh?er Rare/Accidental
Australian Gannet Morus serrator Rare/Accidental
Imperial Shag Phalacrocorax atriceps
King Cormorant Phalacrocorax albiventer
Black-faced Sheathbill Chionis minor
Common Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula St?re strandpipare Rare/Accidental
Three-banded Plover Charadrius tricollaris Trebandad pipare Rare/Accidental
Whimbrel Numenius phaeopus Sm?pov Rare/Accidental
Common Greenshank Tringa nebularia Gluttsn?pa
Wood Sandpiper Tringa glareola Gr?bena Rare/Accidental
Terek Sandpiper Xenus cinereus Tereksn?pa Rare/Accidental
Common Sandpiper Actitis hypoleucos Drillsn?pa
Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria interpres Roskarl
Little Stint Calidris minuta Sm?n?pa Rare/Accidental
Pectoral Sandpiper Calidris melanotos Tuvsn?pa Rare/Accidental
Red Phalarope Phalaropus fulicarius Bredn?bad simsn?pa Rare/Accidental
Kelp Gull Larus dominicanus
Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus Silltrut Rare/Accidental
Franklin's Gull Leucophaeus pipixcan Pr?iem? Rare/Accidental
Sabine's Gull Xema sabini T?nm? Rare/Accidental
Arctic Tern Sterna paradisaea Silvert?na
Antarctic Tern Sterna vittata
Kerguelen Tern Sterna virgata Near-threatened
Brown Skua Stercorarius antarcticus Antarktisk labb
Parasitic Jaeger Stercorarius parasiticus Kustlabb Rare/Accidental
Ring-necked Dove Streptopelia capicola Rare/Accidental
Laughing Dove Streptopelia senegalensis Palmduva
African Cuckoo Cuculus gularis Rare/Accidental
Common Swift Apus apus Tornseglare Rare/Accidental
Red-backed Shrike Lanius collurio T?nskata Rare/Accidental
Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica Ladusvala
Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus L?s?gare Rare/Accidental
House Sparrow Passer domesticus Gr?parv Rare/Accidental
Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava Gul?la Rare/Accidental

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