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Why Birds

I have had a fascination for birds since I was old enough to climb on a chair and see out of the kitchen window, As a child I would ask my mother for some bread to feed the birds, it may have been the colours and the movement that first got my attention.

Now it's the diversity, not only of appearance but also habits, and physiology.

Pigeons appear stupid they seem to have a death wish as they refuse to be hurried in getting out of the way of cars. Other birds are so clever, scientists seem reluctant to recognise the intelligence of birds.

Some birds like the Egyptian Vulture, the Darwin Woodpecker Finches and the New Caledonian Crow  use tools, Some parrots use clay to neutralise toxins in their food. Many birds build structures to house their eggs and offspring.

Some herons use bait to attract fish, Ravens have been observed pulling a Fishermans lines out to get a meal. Nutcrackers have an incredible memory as they can find where they individually berried 100,000 acorns even when covered by several inches of snow.

Birds have a language they have different calls for different kinds of danger and an adult can tell nestlings to be quiet.

Some birds are able to fend for themselves as soon as they emerge from the egg while others have to be coached by their parents for many months. Birds can and do learn Alex the African Grey Parrot taught us that.

I watch a Woodpigeon mourn the death of her young, proving to me at least that birds do have emotions.

Many birds undertake huge journeys with feats of navigation that have baffled people for many years.

It has recently been discovered that birds use there feathers as feelers, like a cats whiskers.

I have watched a male Gull drag a female into the sea, almost drowning her before mating, she could barely get out of the water. With intelligence comes choices and like humans they don't always choose to be good.

I couldn't be interested in birds without a fascination of all living things, we are blessed with a wonderful rich environment, I hope this web site in some small way encourages us to presserve it. That way man may also survive.

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