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Parvclassis : Neognathae


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view photos  October 9, 2006 Photo by Ian Mc1 all rights reserved Sacred Kingfisher

Birds Coraciidae Brachypteraciidae Leptosomidae Momotidae
Todidae Alcedinidae   Cerylidae Meropidae
1087 Banded Kingfisher Lacedo pulchella Least Concern  
1088 Laughing Kookaburra Dacelo novaeguineae Least Concern  
1089 Blue-winged Kookaburra Dacelo leachii Least Concern  
1090 Spangled Kookaburra Dacelo tyro Least Concern  
1091 Rufous-bellied Kookaburra Dacelo gaudichaud Least Concern  
1092 Shovel-billed Kookaburra Clytoceyx rex Least Concern  
1093 Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher Cittura cyanotis Near Threatened  
1094 Brown-winged Kingfisher Pelargopsis amauropterus Near Threatened  
1095 Stork-billed Kingfisher Pelargopsis capensis Least Concern  
1096 Black-billed Kingfisher Pelargopsis melanorhyncha Least Concern  
1097 Ruddy Kingfisher Halcyon coromanda Least Concern  
1098 Chocolate-backed Kingfisher Halcyon badia Least Concern  
1099 White-throated Kingfisher Halcyon smyrnensis Least Concern TSN: 554585
1099 Split Brown-breasted Kingfisher Halcyon gularis Least Concern TSN: 692828
1100 Black-capped Kingfisher Halcyon pileata Least Concern  
1101 Javan Kingfisher Halcyon cyanoventris Least Concern  
1102 Grey-headed Kingfisher Halcyon leucocephala Least Concern  
1103 Woodland Kingfisher Halcyon senegalensis Least Concern  
1104 Mangrove Kingfisher Halcyon senegaloides Least Concern  
1105 Blue-breasted Kingfisher Halcyon malimbica Least Concern  
1106 Brown-hooded Kingfisher Halcyon albiventris Least Concern  
1107 Striped Kingfisher Halcyon chelicuti Least Concern  
1108 Blue-black Kingfisher Todirhamphus nigrocyaneus Least Concern  
1109 Rufous-lored Kingfisher Todirhamphus winchelli Least Concern  
1110 Blue-and-white Kingfisher Todirhamphus diops Least Concern  
1111 Lazuli Kingfisher Todirhamphus lazuli Least Concern  
1112 Forest Kingfisher Todirhamphus macleayii Least Concern  
1113 New Britain Kingfisher Todirhamphus albonotatus Near Threatened  
1114 Ultramarine Kingfisher Todirhamphus leucopygius Least Concern  
1115 Chestnut-bellied Kingfisher Todirhamphus farquhari Near Threatened  
1116 Red-backed Kingfisher Todirhamphus pyrrhopygia Least Concern  
1117 Flat-billed Kingfisher Todirhamphus recurvirostris Least Concern  
1118 Micronesian Kingfisher Todirhamphus cinnamominus See Page  
1119 Sombre Kingfisher Todirhamphus funebris Vulnerable  
1120 Collared Kingfisher Todirhamphus chloris Least Concern  
1121 Talaud Kingfisher Todirhamphus enigma Near Threatened  
1122 Beach Kingfisher Todirhamphus saurophaga Least Concern  
1123 Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher Todirhamphus australasia Near Threatened  
1124 Sacred Kingfisher Todirhamphus sanctus Least Concern  
1125 Tahiti Kingfisher Todirhamphus veneratus Least Concern  
1126 Mangaia Kingfisher Todirhamphus ruficollaris Vulnerable  
1127 Chattering Kingfisher Todirhamphus tuta Least Concern  
1128 Marquesan Kingfisher Todirhamphus godeffroyi Critically Endangered  
1129 Tuamotu Kingfisher Todirhamphus gambieri Critically Endangered  
1130 White-rumped Kingfisher Caridonax fulgidus Least Concern  
1131 Hook-billed Kingfisher Melidora macrorrhina Least Concern  
1132 Moustached Kingfisher Actenoides bougainvillei Vulnerable  
1133 Rufous-collared Kingfisher Actenoides concretus Near Threatened  
1134 Spotted Kingfisher Actenoides lindsayi Least Concern  
1135 Blue-capped Kingfisher Actenoides hombroni Vulnerable  
1136 Green-backed Kingfisher Actenoides monachus Near Threatened  
1137 Scaly Kingfisher Actenoides princeps Least Concern  
1138 Yellow-billed Kingfisher Syma torotoro Least Concern  
1139 Mountain Kingfisher Syma megarhyncha Least Concern  
1140 Little Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera hydrocharis DD  
1141 Common Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera galatea Least Concern  
1142 Kofiau Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera ellioti DD  
1143 Biak Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera riedelii Near Threatened  
1144 Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera carolinae Near Threatened  
1145 Red-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera nympha Least Concern  
1146 Brown-headed Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera danae Least Concern  
1147 Buff-breasted Paradise-Kingfisher Tanysiptera sylvia Least Concern  
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