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Parvclassis : Neognathae


Black-banded Plover

Parc National Tsimanampesotse, Madagascar.

By jmittermeier January 3, 2011 all rights reserved

The family are famous for their heroic defense of eggs & young.

They defends eggs/chicks by feigning injury to lure predators away or flying at it to scare it off (Includes man).

World no Name Scientific name Status Taxon
3095 Eurasian Golden-Plover Pluvialis apricaria Least Concern TSN: 176561
3096 Pacific Golden-Plover Pluvialis fulva Least Concern TSN: 176566
3097 American Golden-Plover Pluvialis dominica Least Concern TSN: 176565
3098 Grey Plover Pluvialis squatarola Least Concern TSN: 176567
3099 Red-breasted Plover Charadrius obscurus Endangered TSN: 176536
3100 Common Ringed Plover Charadrius hiaticula Least Concern TSN: 176504
3101 Semipalmated Plover Charadrius semipalmatus Least Concern TSN: 176506
3102 Long-billed Plover Charadrius placidus Least Concern TSN: 176540
3103 Little Ringed Plover Charadrius dubius Least Concern TSN: 176529
3104 Wilson's Plover Charadrius wilsonia Least Concern TSN: 176517
3105 Killdeer Charadrius vociferus Least Concern TSN: 176520
3106 Black-banded Plover Charadrius thoracicus Vulnerable TSN: 176542
3107 St. Helena Plover Charadrius sanctaehelenae Critically Endangered TSN: 559180
3108 Kittlitz's Plover Charadrius pecuarius Least Concern TSN: 176538
3109 Three-banded Plover Charadrius tricollaris Least Concern TSN: 176543
3110 Forbes's Plover Charadrius forbesi Least Concern TSN: 176531
3111 Piping Plover Charadrius melodus Near Threatened TSN: 176507
3112 Chestnut-banded Plover Charadrius pallidus Near Threatened TSN: 176537
3113 Kentish Plover Charadrius alexandrinus Least Concern TSN: 176513
Split 3113 Snowy Plover Charadrius nivosus Threatened TSN: 176511
3114 White-fronted Plover Charadrius marginatus Least Concern TSN: 176533
3115 Red-capped Plover Charadrius ruficapillus Least Concern TSN: 176541
3116 Malaysian Plover Charadrius peronii Near Threatened TSN: 176539
3117 Javan Plover Charadrius javanicus Near Threatened TSN: 559177
3118 Collared Plover Charadrius collaris Least Concern TSN: 176527
3119 Double-banded Plover Charadrius bicinctus Least Concern TSN: 176525
3120 Puna Plover Charadrius alticola Least Concern TSN: 176523
3121 Two-banded Plover Charadrius falklandicus Least Concern TSN: 176530
3122 Mongolian Plover Charadrius mongolus Least Concern TSN: 176514
3123 Greater Sandplover Charadrius leschenaultii Least Concern TSN: 176532
3124 Caspian Plover Charadrius asiaticus Least Concern TSN: 176524
3125 Oriental Plover Charadrius veredus Least Concern TSN: 176544
3126 Mountain Plover Charadrius montanus Near Threatened TSN: 176522
3127 Rufous-chested Plover Charadrius modestus Least Concern TSN: 559178
3128 Hooded Plover Thinornis cucullatus Near Threatened TSN: 559179
3129 Shore Plover Thinornis novaeseelandiae Endangered TSN: 563414
3130 Red-kneed Dotterel Erythrogonys cinctus Least Concern TSN: 554257
3131 Eurasian Dotterel Charadrius morinellus Least Concern TSN: 176545
3132 Tawny-throated Dotterel Oreopholus ruficollis Least Concern TSN: 176559
3133 Wrybill Anarhynchus frontalis Vulnerable TSN: 176551
3134 Diademed Sandpiper-Plover Phegornis mitchellii Near Threatened TSN: 176555
3135 Inland Dotterel Peltohyas australis Least Concern TSN: 176768
3136 Black-fronted Dotterel Elseyornis melanops Least Concern TSN: 559867
3137 Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus Least Concern TSN: 176481
3138 Long-toed Lapwing Vanellus crassirostris Least Concern TSN: 176487
3139 Yellow-wattled Lapwing Vanellus malabaricus Least Concern TSN: 176492
3140 Javanese Lapwing Vanellus macropterus Critically Endangered TSN: 563661
3141 Banded Lapwing Vanellus tricolor Least Concern TSN: 176502
3142 Masked Lapwing Vanellus miles Least Concern TSN: 176495
3143 Blacksmith Lapwing Vanellus armatus Least Concern TSN: 176483
3144 Spur-winged Lapwing Vanellus spinosus Least Concern TSN: 176499
3145 River Lapwing Vanellus duvaucelii Near Threatened TSN: 563660
3146 Black-headed Lapwing Vanellus tectus Least Concern TSN: 176501
3147 Spot-breasted Lapwing Vanellus melanocephalus Least Concern TSN: 176493
3148 Grey-headed Lapwing Vanellus cinereus Least Concern TSN: 176485
3149 Red-wattled Lapwing Vanellus indicus Least Concern TSN: 176489
3150 White-headed Lapwing Vanellus albiceps Least Concern TSN: 176482
3151 Wattled Lapwing Vanellus senegallus Least Concern TSN: 176498
3152 Senegal Lapwing Vanellus lugubris Least Concern TSN: 176491
3153 Black-winged Lapwing Vanellus melanopterus Least Concern TSN: 176494
3154 Crowned Lapwing Vanellus coronatus Least Concern TSN: 176486
3155 Brown-chested Lapwing Vanellus superciliosus Least Concern TSN: 176500
3156 Sociable Lapwing Vanellus gregarius Critically Endangered TSN: 176488
3157 White-tailed Lapwing Vanellus leucurus Least Concern TSN: 176490
3158 Pied Lapwing Vanellus cayanus Least Concern TSN: 563659
3159 Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis Least Concern TSN: 176484
3160 Andean Lapwing Vanellus resplendens Least Concern TSN: 176497

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