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Parvclassis : Neognathae



By joel n rosenthal November 7, 2008 all rights reserved


991 Narina Trogon Apaloderma narina Least Concern  
992 Bare-cheeked Trogon Apaloderma aequatoriale Least Concern  
993 Bar-tailed Trogon Apaloderma vittatum Least Concern  
994 Resplendent Quetzal Pharomachrus mocinno Near Threatened  
995 Crested Quetzal Pharomachrus antisianus Least Concern  
996 White-tipped Quetzal Pharomachrus fulgidus Least Concern  
997 Golden-headed Quetzal Pharomachrus auriceps Least Concern  
998 Pavonine Quetzal Pharomachrus pavoninus Least Concern  
999 Eared Trogon Euptilotis neoxenus Near Threatened  
1000 Cuban Trogon Priotelus temnurus Least Concern  
1001 Hispaniolan Trogon Priotelus roseigaster Near Threatened  
1002 Slaty-tailed Trogon Trogon massena Least Concern  
1003 Black-tailed Trogon Trogon melanurus Least Concern  
Split From ^ Ecuadorian Trogon Trogon mesurus Least Concern  
1004 Lattice-tailed Trogon Trogon clathratus Least Concern  
1005 White-eyed Trogon Trogon comptus Least Concern  
1006 Baird's Trogon Trogon bairdii Near Threatened  
1007 White-tailed Trogon Trogon viridis Least Concern  
  Western white-tailed Trogon Trogon chionurus NR TSN: 679320
1008 Citreoline Trogon Trogon citreolus Least Concern  
1009 Black-headed Trogon Trogon melanocephalus Least Concern  
1010 Mountain Trogon Trogon mexicanus Least Concern  
1011 Elegant Trogon Trogon elegans Least Concern  
1012 Collared Trogon Trogon collaris Least Concern  
1013 Orange-bellied Trogon Trogon aurantiiventris Least Concern  
1014 Masked Trogon Trogon personatus Least Concern  
1015 Black-throated Trogon Trogon rufus Least Concern  
1016 Surucua Trogon Trogon surrucura Least Concern  
1017 Blue-crowned Trogon Trogon curucui Least Concern  
1018 Violaceous Trogon Trogon violaceus Least Concern  
Not Listed Northern Violaceous Trogon Trogon caligatus Least Concern TSN: 679329
Not Listed Amazonian Trogon Trogon ramonianus Least Concern  
1019 Blue-tailed Trogon Harpactes reinwardtii Endangered  
Not Listed Sumatran Trogon Harpactes mackloti Least Concern  
1020 Malabar Trogon Harpactes fasciatus Least Concern  
1021 Red-naped Trogon Harpactes kasumba Least Concern  
1022 Diard's Trogon Harpactes diardii Near Threatened  
1023 Philippine Trogon Harpactes ardens Least Concern  
1024 Whitehead's Trogon Harpactes whiteheadi Near Threatened  
1025 Cinnamon-rumped Trogon Harpactes orrhophaeus Near Threatened  
1026 Scarlet-rumped Trogon Harpactes duvaucelii Near Threatened  
1027 Orange-breasted Trogon Harpactes oreskios Least Concern  
1028 Red-headed Trogon Harpactes erythrocephalus Least Concern  
1029 Ward's Trogon Harpactes wardi Near Threatened  
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