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Parvclassis: Palaeognathae



Elegant Crested Tinamou

Photo by James C Lowen Pbase  all rights reserved

Editor Neotropical Bird Club Elegant Crested-Tinamou

11 Grey Tinamou Tinamus tao Least concern  
12 Solitary Tinamou Tinamus solitarius Near Threatened  
13 Black Tinamou Tinamus osgoodi Vulnerable  
14 Great Tinamou Tinamus major Least concern  
15 White-throated Tinamou Tinamus guttatus Least concern  
16 Highland Tinamou Nothocercus bonapartei Least concern  
17 Tawny-breasted Tinamou Nothocercus julius Least concern TSN: 553792
18 Hooded Tinamou Nothocercus nigrocapillus Least concern  
19 Berlepsch's Tinamou Crypturellus berlepschi Least concern  
20 Cinereous Tinamou Crypturellus cinereus Least concern  
21 Little Tinamou Crypturellus soui Least concern  
22 Tepui Tinamou Crypturellus ptaritepui Least concern  
23 Brown Tinamou Crypturellus obsoletus Least concern  
24 Thicket Tinamou Crypturellus cinnamomeus Least concern  
25 Undulated Tinamou Crypturellus undulatus Least concern  
26 Pale-browed Tinamou Crypturellus transfasciatus Near Threatened   
27 Brazilian Tinamou Crypturellus strigulosus Least concern  
28 Slaty-breasted Tinamou Crypturellus boucardi Least concern  
29 Choco Tinamou Crypturellus kerriae Vulnerable  
30 Red-legged Tinamou Crypturellus erythropus Least concern  
31 Grey-legged Tinamou Crypturellus duidae Least concern  
32 Yellow-legged Tinamou Crypturellus noctivagus Near threatened  
33 Black-capped Tinamou Crypturellus atrocapillus Least concern  
34 Variegated Tinamou Crypturellus variegatus Least concern  
35 Rusty Tinamou Crypturellus brevirostris Least concern  
36 Bartlett's Tinamou Crypturellus bartletti Least Concern TSN: 174407
37 Small-billed Tinamou Crypturellus parvirostris Least Concern  
38 Barred Tinamou Crypturellus casiquiare Least Concern  
39 Tataupa Tinamou Crypturellus tataupa Least Concern  
40 Red-winged Tinamou Rhynchotus rufescens Least Concern  
  Huayco Tinamou Rhynchotus maculicollis Least Concern TSN: 679120
41 Taczanowski's Tinamou Nothoprocta taczanowskii Vulnerable  
42 Kalinowski's Tinamou Nothoprocta kalinowskii Least Concern TSN: 553798
43 Ornate Tinamou Nothoprocta ornata Least Concern TSN: 553798
44 Andean Tinamou Nothoprocta pentlandii Least Concern  
45 Brushland Tinamou Nothoprocta cinerascens Least Concern  
46 Chilean Tinamou Nothoprocta perdicaria Least Concern  
47 Curve-billed Tinamou Nothoprocta curvirostris Least Concern  
48 Darwin's Nothura Nothura darwinii Least Concern  
49 Chaco Nothura Nothura chacoensis Least Concern TSN: 174430
50 Spotted Nothura Nothura maculosa Least Concern  
51 Lesser Nothura Nothura minor Vulnerable  
52 White-bellied Nothura Nothura boraquira Least Concern  
53 Dwarf Tinamou Taoniscus nanus Vulnerable  
54 Elegant Crested-Tinamou Eudromia elegans Least Concern  
55 Quebracho Crested-Tinamou Eudromia formosa Least Concern  
56 Puna Tinamou Tinamotis pentlandii Least Concern  
57 Patagonian Tinamou Tinamotis ingoufi Least Concern  
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