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Parvclassis: Neognathae


Grouse, Pheasant and Partridge Group on Flickr

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Another extinct species.

New Zealand Quail

Walter Lawry Buller all rights reserved

World No NAME SCIENTIFIC NAME Least Concern  
127 Snow Partridge Lerwa lerwa Least Concern  
128 See-see Partridge Ammoperdix griseogularis Least Concern  
129 Sand Partridge Ammoperdix heyi Least Concern  
130 Caucasian Snowcock Tetraogallus caucasicus Least Concern  
131 Caspian Snowcock Tetraogallus caspius Least Concern  
132 Tibetan Snowcock Tetraogallus tibetanus Least Concern  
133 Altai Snowcock Tetraogallus altaicus Least Concern  
134 Himalayan Snowcock Tetraogallus himalayensis Least Concern  
135 Chestnut-throated Partridge Tetraophasis obscurus Least Concern  
136 Buff-throated Partridge Tetraophasis szechenyii Least Concern  
137 Rock Partridge Alectoris graeca Least Concern  
138 Chukar Alectoris chukar Least Concern  
139 Philby's Partridge Alectoris philbyi Least Concern  
140 Rusty-necklaced Partridge Alectoris magna Least Concern  
141 Barbary Partridge Alectoris barbara Least Concern  
142 Red-legged Partridge Alectoris rufa Least Concern  
143 Arabian Partridge Alectoris melanocephala Least Concern  
144 Black Francolin Francolinus francolinus Least Concern  
145 Painted Francolin Francolinus pictus Least Concern  
146 Chinese Francolin Francolinus pintadeanus Least Concern  
147 Grey Francolin Francolinus pondicerianus Least Concern  
148 Swamp Francolin Francolinus gularis Vulnerable  
149 Coqui Francolin Francolinus coqui Least Concern  
150 White-throated Francolin Francolinus albogularis Least Concern  
151 Schlegel's Francolin Francolinus schlegelii Least Concern  
152 Forest Francolin Francolinus lathami Least Concern  
153 Crested Francolin Francolinus sephaena Least Concern  
154 Ring-necked Francolin Francolinus streptophorus Near Threatened  
155 Finsch's Francolin Francolinus finschi Least Concern  
156 Grey-winged Francolin Francolinus africanus Least Concern  
157 Red-winged Francolin Francolinus levaillantii Least Concern  
158 Moorland Francolin Francolinus psilolaemus Least Concern  
159 Shelley's Francolin Francolinus shelleyi Least Concern  
160 Orange River Francolin Francolinus levaillantoides Least Concern  
161 Nahan's Francolin Francolinus nahani Endangered  
162 Hartlaub's Francolin Francolinus hartlaubi Least Concern  
163 Double-spurred Francolin Francolinus bicalcaratus Least Concern  
164 Clapperton's Francolin Francolinus clappertoni Least Concern  
165 Heuglin's Francolin Francolinus icterorhynchus Least Concern  
166 Harwood's Francolin Francolinus harwoodi Vulnerable  
167 Red-billed Francolin Francolinus adspersus Least Concern  
168 Cape Francolin Francolinus capensis Least Concern  
169 Hildebrandt's Francolin Francolinus hildebrandti Least Concern  
170 Natal Francolin Francolinus natalensis Least Concern  
171 Ahanta Francolin Francolinus ahantensis Least Concern  
172 Scaly Francolin Francolinus squamatus Least Concern  
173 Grey-striped Francolin Francolinus griseostriatus Least Concern  TSN: 175975
174 Yellow-necked Spurfowl Francolinus leucoscepus Least Concern  
175 Grey-breasted Spurfowl Francolinus rufopictus Least Concern  
176 Red-necked Spurfowl Francolinus afer Least Concern  
177 Swainson's Spurfowl Francolinus swainsonii Least Concern  
178 Erckel's Francolin Francolinus erckelii Least Concern  
179 Ochre-breasted Francolin Francolinus ochropectus Critically Endangered  
180 Chestnut-naped Francolin Francolinus castaneicollis Least Concern  
181 Handsome Francolin Francolinus nobilis Least Concern  
182 Jackson's Francolin Francolinus jacksoni Least Concern  
183 Cameroon Francolin Francolinus camerunensis Endangered  
184 Swierstra's Francolin Francolinus swierstrai Vulnerable  
185 Grey Partridge Perdix perdix Least Concern  
186 Daurian Partridge Perdix dauurica Least Concern  
187 Tibetan Partridge Perdix hodgsoniae Least Concern  
188 Long-billed Partridge Rhizothera longirostris Near Threatened  
189 Madagascar Partridge Margaroperdix madagarensis Least Concern  
190 Black Partridge Melanoperdix nigra Vulnerable  
191 Common Quail Coturnix coturnix Least Concern  
192 Japanese Quail Coturnix japonica Least Concern  
193 Stubble Quail Coturnix pectoralis Least Concern  
194 New Zealand Quail Coturnix novaezelandiae Extinct  
195 Rain Quail Coturnix coromandelica Least Concern  
196 Harlequin Quail Coturnix delegorguei Least Concern  
197 Brown Quail Coturnix ypsilophora Least Concern  
198 Blue Quail Coturnix adansonii Least Concern  
199 Blue-breasted Quail Coturnix chinensis Least Concern TSN: 176009
200 Snow Mountain Quail Anurophasis monorthonyx Near Threatened TSN: 175959
201 Jungle Bush-Quail Perdicula asiatica Least Concern  
202 Rock Bush-Quail Perdicula argoondah Least Concern  
203 Painted Bush-Quail Perdicula erythrorhyncha Least Concern  
204 Manipur Bush-Quail Perdicula manipurensis Vulnerable  
205 Hill Partridge Arborophila torqueola Least Concern  
206 Rufous-throated Partridge Arborophila rufogularis Least Concern  
207 White-cheeked Partridge Arborophila atrogularis Near Threatened  
208 Taiwan Partridge Arborophila crudigularis Near Threatened  
209 Chestnut-breasted Partridge Arborophila mandellii Vulnerable  
210 Bar-backed Partridge Arborophila brunneopectus Least Concern  
211 Sichuan Partridge Arborophila rufipectus Endangered  
212 Grey-breasted Partridge Arborophila orientalis Vulnerable TSN: 176036
  Roll's Hill Partridge Arborophila rolli Least Concern TSN: 677548
  Sumatran Hill Partridge Arborophila sumatrana Least Concern TSN: 677549
213 Chestnut-bellied Partridge Arborophila javanica Least Concern  
214 Red-breasted Partridge Arborophila hyperythra Least Concern TSN: 176032
215 White-necklaced Partridge Arborophila gingica Vulnerable  
216 Orange-necked Partridge Arborophila davidi Endangered  
217 Chestnut-headed Partridge Arborophila cambodiana Endangered  
218 Red-billed Partridge Arborophila rubrirostris Least Concern TSN: 176037
219 Hainan Partridge Arborophila ardens Vulnerable TSN: 176023
220 Scaly-breasted Partridge Arborophila chloropus Least Concern  
221 Annam Partridge Arborophila merlini Endangered  
222 Chestnut-necklaced Partridge Arborophila charltonii Near Threatened  
Campbell's Hill Partridge Arborophila campbelli Least Concern  
  Udzungwa Forest-partridge Xenoperdix udzungwensis Endangered  
223 Ferruginous Partridge Caloperdix oculea Near Threatened  
224 Crimson-headed Partridge Haematortyx sanguiniceps Least Concern TSN: 176044
225 Crested Partridge Rollulus rouloul Near Threatened  
226 Stone Partridge Ptilopachus petrosus Least Concern  
227 Mountain Bamboo-Partridge Bambusicola fytchii Least Concern  
228 Chinese Bamboo-Partridge Bambusicola thoracica Least Concern  
229 Red Spurfowl Galloperdix spadicea Least Concern  
230 Painted Spurfowl Galloperdix lunulata Least Concern  
231 Ceylon Spurfowl Galloperdix bicalcarata Least Concern  
232 Himalayan Quail Ophrysia superciliosa Critically Endangered  
233 Blood Pheasant Ithaginis cruentus Least Concern  
234 Western Tragopan Tragopan melanocephalus Vulnerable  
235 Satyr Tragopan Tragopan satyra Near Threatened  
236 Blyth's Tragopan Tragopan blythii Vulnerable  
237 Temminck's Tragopan Tragopan temminckii Least Concern  
238 Cabot's Tragopan Tragopan caboti Vulnerable  
239 Koklass Pheasant Pucrasia macrolopha Least Concern  
240 Himalayan Monal Lophophorus impejanus Least Concern  
241 Sclater's Monal Lophophorus sclateri Vulnerable  
242 Chinese Monal Lophophorus lhuysii Vulnerable  
243 Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus Least Concern  
244 Grey Junglefowl Gallus sonneratii Least Concern  
245 Sri Lanka Junglefowl Gallus lafayetii Least Concern  
246 Green Junglefowl Gallus varius Least Concern  
247 Kalij Pheasant Lophura leucomelanos Least Concern  
248 Silver Pheasant Lophura nycthemera Least Concern  
249 Imperial Pheasant Lophura imperialis DD  
250 Edwards's Pheasant Lophura edwardsi Endangered  
251 Vietnam Fireback Lophura hatinhensis Endangered  
252 Swinhoe's Pheasant Lophura swinhoii Near Threatened TSN: 553883
253 Sumatran Pheasant Lophura hoogerwerfi Vulnerable  
254 Salvadori's Pheasant Lophura inornata Vulnerable  
255 Crestless Fireback Lophura erythrophthalma Vulnerable  
256 Crested Fireback Lophura ignita Near Threatened  
257 Siamese Fireback Lophura diardi Near Threatened  
258 Bulwer's Pheasant Lophura bulweri Vulnerable  
259 Tibetan Eared-Pheasant Crossoptilon harmani Near Threatened  
260 White Eared-Pheasant Crossoptilon crossoptilon Near Threatened  
261 Brown Eared-Pheasant Crossoptilon mantchuricum Vulnerable  
262 Blue Eared-Pheasant Crossoptilon auritum Least Concern  
263 Cheer Pheasant Catreus wallichii Vulnerable  
264 Elliot's Pheasant Syrmaticus ellioti Vulnerable  
265 Hume's Pheasant Syrmaticus humiae Near Threatened  
266 Mikado Pheasant Syrmaticus mikado Near Threatened  
267 Copper Pheasant Syrmaticus soemmerringii Near Threatened  
268 Reeves's Pheasant Syrmaticus reevesii Vulnerable  
269 Ring-necked Pheasant Phasianus colchicus Least Concern TSN: 175905
Japanese Pheasant Phasianus versicolor Not recognised TSN: 175906
270 Golden Pheasant Chrysolophus pictus Least Concern  
271 Lady Amherst's Pheasant Chrysolophus amherstiae Least Concern  
272 Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron chalcurum Least Concern  
273 Mountain Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron inopinatum Vulnerable  
274 Germain's Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron germaini Near Threatened  
275 Grey Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron bicalcaratum Least Concern  
276 Malayan Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron malacense Vulnerable  
277 Bornean Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron schleiermacheri Endangered  
278 Palawan Peacock-Pheasant Polyplectron emphanum Vulnerable  
279 Crested Argus Rheinardia ocellata Near Threatened  
280 Great Argus Argusianus argus Near Threatened  
281 Congo Peafowl Afropavo congensis Vulnerable  
282 Indian Peafowl Pavo cristatus Least Concern  
283 Green Peafowl Pavo muticus Least Concern  
284 Siberian Grouse Dendragapus falcipennis Near Threatened  
285 Spruce Grouse Dendragapus canadensis Least Concern  
286 Blue Grouse Dendragapus obscurus Least Concern  
  Sooty Grouse Dendragapus fuliginosus Least Concern  
287 Willow Ptarmigan Lagopus lagopus Least Concern  
  Red Grouse Lagopus lagopus scoticus Least Concern  
288 Rock Ptarmigan Lagopus mutus Least Concern  
289 White-tailed Ptarmigan Lagopus leucurus Least Concern  
290 Black Grouse Tetrao tetrix Least Concern  
291 Caucasian Grouse Tetrao mlokosiewiczi Near Threatened  
292 Western Capercaillie Tetrao urogallus Least Concern  
293 Black-billed Capercaillie Tetrao parvirostris Least Concern  
294 Hazel Grouse Bonasa bonasia Least Concern  
295 Chinese Grouse Bonasa sewerzowi Near Threatened  
296 Ruffed Grouse Bonasa umbellus Least Concern  
297 Sage Grouse Centrocercus urophasianus Least Concern  
Gunnison Sage-Grouse Centrocercus minimus Endangered  
298 Sharp-tailed Grouse Tympanuchus phasianellus Least Concern  
299 Greater Prairie-chicken Tympanuchus cupido Vulnerable  
300 Lesser Prairie-chicken Tympanuchus pallidicinctus Vulnerable  
301 Wild Turkey Meleagris gallopavo Least Concern  
302 Ocellated Turkey Agriocharis ocellata Near Threatened  
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